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What’s a “Sled”?

It always comes back to Steve McQueen doesn’t it? Whatever he turned his hand to, he did well and always looked super cool doing it. Riding motorcycles was his passion, especially in the dirt. The film “On Any Sunday” is a motorcycling classic and features McQueen and mates riding all kinds of bikes and everyone […]

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Social Anxiety in the trouser department

It’s a high pressure world we live in. The fast paced like-and-share generation many of us seem to have become absorbed in impacts on daily behaviour and personal mental stress for many people. If it’s not on Instagram, Strava and Facebook then it didn’t happen. If it doesn’t get liked, it’s not worthy. If you […]

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Balls Up

A pint costs more than a half. A 12in pizza costs more than a 9in one. Curry and large chips costs more than a cone on it’s own. That’s common. That’s normal. People are used to that. Even though commercial hospitality is largely the cost of serving bums on seats, we’re happy to pay more […]

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Rocket Science?

It’s pretty well reported now that our company started in the pub. The basic idea, the celebrations about that basic idea, the realisation that we’d better do something more than just talk about the idea to actually make it happen. So yes, our company started over a pint, but with a marker pen, and two […]

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Our Best Priced Item Ever

English Fine Cottons are, after 50 years of industry decline, spinning cotton again in Manchester. This was central to the T shirt we launched last week. People on Facebook went mad for it. Or perhaps at it. We’ve been working for a couple of years now on British made products. We started with trousers, then […]

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Support the independents

In a world where the media channels are controlled by hidden lizard giants (apparently), sometimes it’s good to lift the lid and understand who’s pulling the strings and what’s actually going on. Of course, commerce always has an agenda. People need to make money. Trousers don’t grow on trees and we have to pay the […]

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Will robots need trousers?

Boston Dynamics have been posting videos of their robot development for the last few years. It’s truly amazing what they’re actually making these things do, and it’s fascinating coming from a mechanical and engineering background (which we sort of do) to see how things are developing. Closer to home, brant’s son Toby is actually a […]

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Cooking At Work :: Beef Noodles

Sandwiches at work are fine. There’s nothing wrong with a good sandwich. But we fancied something better. It’s good to have a challenge, and trying to cook a single pot dish using a slow cooker has been a fun challenge. If we get things moving by 9am, you can have a great lunch by 1pm, […]

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