The Iron Shirt

It was all a massive f*ck up

But it turned out to be a big hit. The Iron Shirt is our heavy duty overshirt, British made in super 16oz denim and dry waxed canvas options. Press stud fastenings, enormous bag-for-life pockets on the inside. Once you’ve worn an Iron Shirt, there’s no going back.

Iron Shirt / Double Black

16 oz Candiani selvedge denim in the blackest black.

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Iron Shirt / Indigo

16 oz dark indigo Candiani selvedge denim.

Iron Shirt / Jute

Halley Stevensons 15oz twill with a dry wax finish.

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Customer Reviews

Martin Ward
Martin WardIron Shirt / Indigo
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It's a tough beast of a shirt - hard as nails, stiff as a board. Been walking around like a robot for a few weeks Had a few random positive comments, for the shirt, not for me I had some of the original overskirts and this is a step forward in design with the concealed hand pockets, cut and finish Size is great as XL is normally too small and XXL too big, but this hits the sweet spot With some time, love and care it going to be brilliant and no need to ever buy another shirt (well until the next release) Made in the UK, doing things right is the right way
Rob Sharman
Rob SharmanIron Shirt / Double Black
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Received my Black iron shirt today. Arrived nicely packaged. Kept missing out on this item due to selling out quickly but finally got my hands on one. Well worth the wait, what a piece of kit. Pockets are great especially the two big inside ones. I will definitely use Hebtroco again. Top quality gear. Believe in the saying you get what you pay for and you certainly do with this shirt. Well done Hebtroco.
Colin Spencer
Colin SpencerIron Shirt / Double Black
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Absolutely in love with the iron shirt in double black. Perfect fit for my rotund body (went for size XL). Not stopped wearing it. The design and quality is excellent and well work the money
KathIron Shirt / Indigo
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Got the iron shirt as a birthday present for my other half and he loves it! He wanted something tough enough for work (he fettles espresso machines) that he’s happy to keep on for the pub afterwards. It’s certainly a substantial item! The fabric is hefty but not too stiff. Nice fit (one size up from usual was perfect). Looks like it will last a lifetime and fit in everywhere it goes.

The Story

A love of the heavy sounds of Lee “Scratch” Perry gave us the ambition several years ago to make the Iron Shirt. If you don’t know the tune you need to search out ‘Disco Devil’. Back then our idea was a bit of a joke but it turns out that we were deadly serious.

The truth is we sent the wrong denim to our supplier to make this shirt. It was time to restock our Selvedge Denim Overshirt but instead of ordering 8oz shirt denim, we ordered the 16oz that we use for our M16 jeans and jackets. Oh heck.

We knew something was up when the factory said that the denim was a bit stiff and that they were having problems getting the finished shirts into our standard bags. 200 shirts arrived in a courier van that was riding low into its suspension. The boxes were very heavy.

Then bad got worse…

The standard press studs that are perfect for our usual 8oz shirt were not suitable for the heavier cloth. Breathe and the shirts popped open. Despite this apparent tragedy we couldn’t help thinking that the shirt was actually really good.

In this business we’ve got used to dealing with problems. After all we started the company just as the Brexit vote happened followed by Covid and the non stop apocalypse that’s followed. Keep calm and carry on making really good stuff is the mantra. It’s worked so far and fingers crossed the good ship HebTroCo will steer a successful course through the stormy sea that is life. Anyway….

After a tense session with the pliers it turned out that our amazing factory could swap out the press studs for some heavy weight ones. 2,400 press studs later and we have a shirt made to jacket weight and specification, that we never would have dared to do. Sometimes you’ve just got to put on your Iron Shirt and dance with the disco devil.