Sometimes stuff just happens. Good stuff rarely happens on its own. It happens when good people try hard. And that’s what we have here – these articles are about things that have happened. And will happen.


We don’t want you to cry about it.

Sunday’s not the same without Pottery Throwdown, but we’re keeping the spirit alive with our forthcoming release of new mugs in conjunction with top pottery and Throwdown judge Keith Brymer Jones. They’re drying and being fired shortly, and expected with us late March/Early April. Don’t miss out. Subscribe to our mailing list Don’t miss out! […]

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Made In The Melody Shed

To get on as any sort of artist you’ve got to be adaptable. In fact, really, “in these current times” if you want to stay ahead in any sort of business you’ve got to be pretty adaptable. Perhaps artists are better at it than anyone? Ben wears GVNR Black Selvedge Denim / Organic Denim Overshirt […]

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And finally some good news

Not everything’s rubbish this year. We’ve brought lots of new products to market all made in British factories. Money has gone back into making jeans, action blankets, socks, shirts, sunglasses, bandanas and even coffee. This means we’re now selling direct to customers from stock. No more preorders and long waiting games. Bills are being paid […]

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Blending Double Black Coffee

We want coffee to kick us in the mouth with big dark flavours, wake us up with a serious caffeine hit and leave us tasting the smokey after taste long after we’ve put the cup down. https://hebtro.co/product-category/coffee/ The best way to get what you want is to do it yourself, with the help of the […]

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Dirty Eddie

Name: Eddie Beniston Occupation: Forge Tooling Engineer Hobby: Artist Motorcyle: 1988 FXRS Big Twin Evolution Harley Davidson in a 1976 Kraft Tech Frame. My name is Eddie Beniston but people sometimes call me Dirty Eddie. Between working in a hot dirty forge, wrenching on my chopper or painting petrol tanks for old bikes i’m always […]

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What does brant do?

Nobody is quite sure. Not even brant. But it involves looking at data. And he’s doing a lot of that right now – so he thought you’d like to see the top search terms for the last year. There are some very funny and surprising ones in there. hebtroco hebtroco shop hebtro hebcotro heb tro […]

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