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Ed Oxley

Don’t be afraid to be dirty

A HebTroCo British Standard white T shirt might not the best choice for wearing on a road trip, but I like it, it’s what I’m wearing. It’s also my job to put stuff to the test.  Heading into the second week and the T Shirt has been getting the rough treatment. It was splattered with […]

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Ride ’em don’t hide ’em

Alongside Poetry Recitation (1976), Best Article Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine (2009), 3rd place Roveniemi 150 Arctic Ultramarathon (2013) there is now a new trophy on my sideboard. The story of the Nimbus told in a previous Happen post – https://hebtro.co/2018/04/25/the-nimbus/ – is now entering a new chapter. Once a pile of junk with potential, the […]

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What does DTFP mean?

On a sunny day, people who don’t ride bikes usually say, “it’s a nice day for the bike” and of course they’re quite right. The words always surprise me though, because most of the time it’s a good day to be on two wheels, whether that’s the pedalling or motorised variety. A day with time […]

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Paraphernalia. Not just trousers. 

We come from a background in the cycling industry. brant was a magazine editor and bike designer, while Ed was a skills trainer and guide as well as writing product reviews and magazine features. Hammering prototype bikes through rocks and putting the latest technology to the test through miles of mud was our stock in […]

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The extra mile

When we cock it up we like to put things right. Jim ordered a pair of trousers from us. We took his money and then sent him the wrong trousers. Doh! Normally in a case like this we ask the customer to send us the item back and we refund the postage. Jim was planning […]

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The Nimbus

I’m the world’s worst motorcycle restorer. The first time I saw this vintage motorcycle it was just a rusting heap of bits. The bike had been partly disassembled for repairs which were never completed and to make it easier to store. The cylinder head and engine barrels were separated, the pistons rusted into the last […]

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By appointment

We sell online and we like it that way. By avoiding the mark up, that is incurred by passing on goods to be handed over by someone else, we are able to offer premium quality British made clothing at a more affordable price. You won’t find HebTroCo products on the high street. Even though we […]

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Home From Home

Home From Home starring Johnny Vegas is on BBC1 this Friday at 9.30pm. It’s directed by Paul Murphy pictured at the front looking great in his HebTroCo Governor Jacket. The rest of the crew, all from Hebden Bridge, are pictured standing on the original 500 year old bridge that gives the town its name. From […]

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Not an easy ride

In our modern times life can be crushingly easy. We often have to take the stupid route to test ourselves, take some risks and find some excitement. Riding old motorcycles is on the surface a glamorous practice. It’s also a road full of breakdowns and disappointment. When they run right though, out there on the […]

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