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1 May 2024

A true commitment to the HebTroCo trouser cause. Nathan is currently stuck in his jeans but cutting himself out and destroying his denim is the last thing on his mind…

Had a wee visit to the hospital for an old war wound I’ve been suffering with and moaning about for a few months! Unfortunately I went in to speak to a consultant and wasn’t expecting to end up with a beautiful pink cast on. Went in my HebTroCo amazing jeans. FFS can’t get em off! Do I cut or unpick the stitching and can they be repaired??

We gave him some tips on how to unpick the seams to aid his escape. All repairable of cause. Good luck Nathan, and kudos for caring.

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Customer of the Week

15 March 2024


Here’s Marc McKinlay, Teasha’s customer of the week, wearing his new M16 Double Black selvedge jacket out to celebrate his kid’s birthday!

“Thank you, genuinely, for your response, I absolutely bloody adore the company you work for; who doesn’t like proper well made stuff and dealing with angels such as yourself? Superb service and even better products!

I love it, and I’m not a dick!” Marc

01 March 2024


There could only be one contender this week, after we received a message from Darren’s wife on Wednesday.

“Hi Hebtroco, I have listened to all your videos, watched Darren’s clothing collection grow with amazing pieces and he has treated me to many I love too. I’m Trudi his wife and sadly I just wanted to share with you personally Darren passed away on Feb 7. We will give him his final farewell tomorrow and Hebtroco have a mention in my eulogy. He was a huge fan, loved what you guys do so much. Warm regards Trudi”

We were all deeply touched by Trudi’s message. It is moving to read how much of an effect our silly idea in the pub has had on people’s lives. Darren was a long-term HebTroCo supporter, his collection will certainly be a strong rival to our own archive. Thank you Darren.

All our love to Trudi and family, and to anyone else suffering a loss. Thoughts with you all.

23 February 2024


If you ever see us out and about be sure to say hello. That’s what James did when we bumped into each other in Leeds train station on a chilly Thursday night.

James was sporting a full HebTroCo three piece – sweet! Cargo Pants, T-Shirt and Titanium Shirt. brant was so impressed by his trio of clobber that he handed James an Army Knife, top prize for train platform encounters. 

Thanks for waving us down James.

9 February 2024


We’re always banging on about our clothes being made to last, so we were inspired to see that our customer Martin was bothered enough about his favourite socks to learn how to repair them himself. Instead of going in the bin, he learnt how to darn his Menace socks and now they’re back on his feet for a second life.

“An update on the darning…. 
Thanks to the lovely people at Sewing Gem UK, I managed to get some darning wool in just the right shade of red. 
Attached is a photo of my first effort at darning. Worth 10 minutes with a needle in front of the rugby to hopefully get a bit longer out of my favourite socks! It was quite a big hole. Pretty chuffed with that. Cheers.” Martin

26 January 2024


Vincent from California loves his Bob Job Chore Coat. Over a few emails Teasha helped him decide on sizing as he felt he was between medium and large. He was such a nice man with lovely manners that she decided to nominate him as her Customer of the Week!

“Hello Hebtroco team. My coat arrived and it’s absolutely perfect!! The fit is spot on, like a glove. Solid weight and I can tell this is a piece that will form to me and soften the more I wear it. Couldn’t be happier! Really appreciate your patience while I was trying to figure out sizing. The Medium literally looks and feels like it was tailored for me.” Vincent