The Story So Far

HebTroCo’ was never supposed to be our name. It was the working title, an abbreviation of Hebden Bridge Trouser Company, but it took off before we had chance to come up with a proper name. The whirlwind of learning, designing and making swept us up and now we’re here, looking back, almost 10 years later.

HebTroCo is an experiment in what’s possible when you’re stubborn enough to give it a shot. In our case, making proper garments that will endure the test of time better than the average high street clobber. Sure, there are plenty of factories and makers overseas who could do it just as well, but that would have been the easy road and we were daft enough to turn our noses up at it. Looking back, we’re glad we chose stupid over sensible.

We’ve come a long way since our first pair of trousers in 2016 and it’s been really lovely looking back through our video archive with long term friend and HebTroCo filmmaker, Tim Royle, to bring you this short tale of two plonkers in the pub and everything that followed.

Thanks for the support, we’re glad you’re here. Cheers brant, Ed and all the team