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Denim Care

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Get to know your denim

It’s not ok to smell like piss so wash your jeans (shirt/jacket if you’re a really bad shot) before you start to

How do you want your denim to fade? If you wash it straight away the denim will fade evenly across the whole garment. If you wear 6 to 12 months before the first wash, then the denim will fade more on the natural creases that have appeared through wear. These fades will contrast against the darker parts of the denim. After this you can wash the garment more frequently and this contrast will always remain.

Rotation of several garments gives you time for this wash/dry routine, plus a range of options from best ‘going-out’ to older ‘going down-the-mine’.

Turn-ups on jeans allow fine adjustment of leg length or can be turned down if you don’t want them.

Our denim is sanforized so first wash shrinkage is minimal. For jeans, expect 1/2 inch in length only. Adjust the turn-up to compensate for this. If you have a pair without turn-ups, no worries, we’ve added extra length to allow for shrinkage.

Gentle spot cleaning of stains with a damp cloth is OK and saves a full wash.

Why not colourfast? It uses harmful chemical processes that go against our sustainability aims. Also looks better in the long run.

Washing Guide

All our denim is raw (not colourfast) and your approach to washing will make it look great or ruin it. From new to first wash is the most crucial time because the dye is more ‘active’.

Machine or soak wash? Both are fine.

Both are fine. Machine will wash deeper and is simpler but you must stick to the rules so you don’t fuck your jeans up. Soak is the gentlest and will fade the least, but won’t get deeper stains out.


Turn inside out.

30 degrees.

Non bio detergent. no stain removers/bleach.
no spin.

To avoid unsightly faded crease marks, don’t leave your denim sat in the machine once the cycle has ended.

Smooth flat by hand and stretch leg seams to prevent shrinkage. drip dry on an airer or washing line.


Lukewarm water in bath or bowl.

Add a little non bio detergent. No stain removers/bleach. Agitate.

Submerge denim.

Soak 30 minutes.
agitate but don’t squeeze.

Rinse in cold water.

Soak in cold water for 10 minutes.

Smooth flat by hand and stretch leg seams to prevent shrinkage. drip dry on an airer or washing line.


Don’t buy our denim if you don’t want to give a shit

Do buy our denim if you want to wear something that keeps looking good as it ages

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