Ho Ho Ho

Made to last not made for Christmas

The marketing bods said we needed a Christmas landing page. We reckoned you’d probably be smart enough to find your way using the menu up there, but hey ho, here we are and here you are too.

Thanks for sticking with us. We hope you have a warm and comfortable end of 2023.

Big Presents

The stuff we’re known for. Proper jeans made-to-last using selvedge denim woven on vintage 1960s shuttle looms.

Belts, individually made by hand, tool & fire in Edinburgh by blacksmith & leather craftsman, Alex Maughan.

Overshirts made from heavy moleskin, corduroy and denim with plentiful roomy pockets and buttons made from nuts.

Mix & Match

Hats, socks & scarves.

Pick any 3 items from our Mix & Match page to automagically save 20% off their combined price.


Woolly and wonderful British-made knits for all year round, not just for Christmas.

Small Things

Small but mighty British-made accessories and other paraphernalia. We use all of this stuff, everyday. That’s why it exists. We’re not into gimmicks, we’re into practical, well-designed, well-made kit that’s going to amplify our mood and keep our day on track. This stuff ticks all the boxes.

We’ll be posting orders until 1pm on 22 December. More on that here.