The door is still open (you just can’t come in for now)


The first unit we had didn’t have a door. Some of the windows were broken, the lights didn’t work and there was no heating. brant made a door out of bits of scrap wood. We made the best of it and when we’d outgrown that place, we moved to where we are now. That door didn’t shut, we took it with us and we’ve still got it.

So far we’ve survived the early days of squalor, the shadow of Brexit, flooding and a few other little hiccups.

Today we unloaded 300 pairs of GVNR Canvas Jeans into our unit. These are our jeans for the ‘better days of spring and summer’.  They’re a bit lighter weight but still tough and properly made to last here in the north of England.

It’s not just 300 pairs though. Another 200 pairs of something completely new is about to land and there will be another 200 pairs of GVNR selvedge jeans after that.

Despite everything that’s going on we feel confident. We’ve got stock and we’ve got cloth. Britain is still manufacturing and we’re still shipping through our local post office.

The door is still open.

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