Tune of the week

Let No Man Steal Your Thyme by Stick in the Wheel (with Jon1st)

Me and brant drove down to the midlands earlier this week to visit a book binding company for a project we have planned.

‘Let No Man Steal Your Thyme’ came on the van stereo. I love the tune, the traditional folk singing mixed up into something more with the electronic music and production values of right now. Made me think of two themes which chimed throughout the rest of the day and indeed through the whole week.

1. Time is of great value and if we don’t take our time, if we let it be stolen from us, we will not thrive. Our heads will fragment into a thousand pieces and our bodies will become ill. We need time to come up with good ideas. If we really respect a product then we allow it the time needed to be made properly. People need time to do a good job. Our stuff sometimes costs a bit more and one of the things you’re paying for is time.

2. Times past have left us classic garment designs and high levels of craft that have been honed through production. With our hindsight we can put our time into making our own versions of these things and add to them. We don’t reenact the past and copy what’s gone before, we have the urge to make them our own.

So much of modern life tries to steal our time. Let’s choose to make the most of it and enjoy the time of our lives.

~ Ed

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