Shed Land

A poem by Benjamin Myers

We commissioned our friendly local writer Ben Myers to write us a poem about sheds. Why sheds? Well for a start we work in one. We also love our own sheds for pottering about, making and mending. And we love having a good nosey in other people’s sheds so we thought we’d show you some of ours. Ed reads Shed Land whilst spending some quality time in his own shed, where he has an unusual collection of motorcycles and bicycles. Some of them even work.

Shed Land

by Benjamin Myers

Four wooden walls and a floor,

that’s all, though a roof helps,

and a window onto the world.

Here a cloister, a quiet chamber.

Once we lived in caves

and told our stories by the fire;

now we live elsewhere

and tell our stories down the wires.

Still, when winter bites your bones

or the golden rays of summer bend

around the corners of your future

you find such a spot. You settle in.

From small acorns grow great oaks.

In great oaks we carve small spaces.

Micap - Made in Mike's shed

The shed can be whatever you want it to be. A place to fix up the bikes, a sanctuary for listening to those records disliked by the rest of the household. A place to make things. 

The Micap is our first HebTroCo cap. They are made by workshop milliner, Mike from the comfort of – you guessed it – his garden shed.

The Gallows Pole and Under The Rock by Benjamin Myers are both out now.

Video filmed and edited by Whitenosugar Productions