I originally wanted 2 pairs of jeans, one for work and one for riding my motorcycle in. These fit the bill perfectly, I can ride to work in them wear them all day and ride home in them, all the while breaking them in just nicely. I was a bit worried that they might be a bit warm on hot days but because they are a looser fit they are brilliant and don’t overheat and roast your nuts.

925 Jeans clocking in

Jeans were workwear. Now they’re fashion. They’ve served their time and come out the other end with honours. We love the way they look from brand new dark and blue to worn in, beaten up and faded. We also love how they’re hard wearing, practical and comfy.

An old and loved pair of jeans has the comfort of your favourite slippers with the added action appeal of denim. Will future folk wear nylon utility pants with knee pads and a million pockets? It’s hard to imagine that modern work pants will end up being as iconic as denim jeans.

With this context as our background we’ve turned the volume up loud and bring you our 925 Jeans.

Sure, you can wear them to fettle in your shed, restore that old car or sweep out your barn. At the end of the day you’re probably going to enjoy the aesthetics of your jeans more than you’re going to be working an eight hour shift in them.

Ed’s found that they make great jeans for riding motorcycles in with the double front, generous boot friendly cut and big pockets. You probably have your own alternative scenarios, and that’s the joy of their versitility.

It's in the details...

regenagri® certified

From cotton farms practicing regenerative agriculture.
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Raw sanforized denim

Indigo will develop contrasting light fades with wear

visible striped selvedge

if you turn-up the cuff

Double front panels

reinforced with twin needle stitching

Double seat

Stitched reinforcements in pocket corners

lining for strength

in the bottom of back patch pockets

Triple stitched

run and fell inseams and yoke

Utility loop

For hanging your keys

candiani selvedge

Renowned for their environmental credentials

Metal fly buttons & rivets

To keep the mouse securely in the house

proper belt loops

that take a 1.5″ belt

Tool pocket

for your hammer / multi-tool

Two Part pocket

One part for your phone. The other for whatever you put in it

Riveted ticket pocket

in front right pocket

secret pocket

built into the pocket bag of front left pocket

Made from Regenagri® certified cotton

Regenerative Agriculture is the antidote to damaging, intensive farming. Farming with nature. Not just avoiding synthetic fertiliser and pesticides but using extra ecological practices.

Intensive farming leads to soil degradation. Regenerative agriculture is a way of farming that builds and improves soil fertility, whilst sequestering and storing atmospheric CO2, increasing on farm diversity and improving water and energy management.

Candiani is the first denim mill in the world to offer Regenagri® denim. We bought some of the first rolls and the 925 Jeans will be our first denim garment to be available in this cloth.

What is Selvedge?

Selvedge is old-style denim, woven on narrow looms and typically has a more characterful appearance and a higher level of quality than mass-produced denim.

You can see the selvedge (self edged) stripe at the turn up. It’s where during weaving the outside edge of the cloth has been woven together to stop it having a raw edge.

Woven in the world's most eco denim mill

We source all our denim from Italian textile masters, Candiani. Their approach to production innovation and sustainability is nothing short of exceptional. It’s no wonder they are considered the world’s most eco denim mill.

Your 925 Jeans are made from Candiani selvedge denim and have the highest environmental credentials.

Environmental sustainability is at the forefront of all stages of production of Candiani denim. Using BCI cotton, a micro-plastics-free dye process, solar power and water recycling to name some of the process used.

Plant based (biodegradable, non toxic, microplastics-free) sizing compound is used in the dyeing process, replacing all hazardous chemicals that are commonly used in the denim industry.

Care Guide

Fucking up your jeans is really difficult IF you follow our care guide. If you choose not to, you’re on your own.

When you buy any of our denim garments, we’ll throw a copy of our Denim Care booklet in your parcel.

If your booklet goes walkabout, gets eaten by a dog, or stolen as a bookmark, no worries, we’ve published a copy of it online, so no excuses.

Sizing Guide

Ed wears 32/28 in the photos. He’s 5’8″ and 10.5 stone.

The 925 Jeans do not come with a pressed turn-up, so if you want to wear yours with a turn-up, we recommend choosing a longer leg length than usual.

Any questions at all please email us and we’ll do our best to guide you.

  • CM
SIZE 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44
1/2 Waist (A) 15.6 16.5 17.5 18.5 19.5 20.5 21.5 22.4
Leg Opening (B) 9.0 9.2 9.3 9.4 9.5 9.6 9.7 9.9
Inside Leg (C) As per your selection
SIZE 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44
1/2 Waist (A) 39.5 42 44.5 47 49.5 52 54.5 57
Leg Opening (B) 22.95 23.25 23.55 23.85 24.15 24.45 24.75 25.05
Inside Leg (C) As per your selection


  1. Gary (verified owner)

    How many pairs of trousers now… five I think… All great all still in use, but these could become my favorites… Styling is pure HebTroCo, build is outstanding, details lovely, a real stand out pair of jeans that won’t be mistaken for anything else. I was a little hesitant at the work wear styling, but when you put them on they just make sense. The pice is high but in line with certain Welsh producers, but in the words of a character from a dodgy but entertaining Star Trek film… They’re ‘just better’.
    Fantastic jeans… save up and buy some.

    Is it helpful?
  2. Stephen Yates (verified owner)

    These Jeans are amazing. I actually pondered for a while before buying because they seemed expensive, especially when I normally buy Levi’s . But I wanted something different, something well made, stronger and could take a battering. I wanted a pair of jeans I could wear in my shed and workshop and then be equally at home for when I jump on my motorcycle to run a couple of errands. These are perfect. They are reinforced in the right areas and are exceptionally well designed. I just want another pair now as a back up pair. Well done Hebtoco.

    Is it helpful?
  3. Laura (verified owner)

    Not just for bikes or boys, this lass loves them. Comfy and well made. This is my third pair and are outlasting my old Edwins by miles.

    Is it helpful?
  4. Michael Siva-Jothy (verified owner)

    My 4th pair of Hebtroco trousers. The best yet. Comfortable, hard-wearing and they look great (me – not so much). Love em.

    Is it helpful?
  5. James (verified owner)

    Probably the best pair of jeans I’ve ever purchased (even better than my old Evisu!). Amazing quality heavyweight selvedge with a perfect fit. Straight leg, so they fit perfectly over boots. They look amazing, will probably outlive me and are genuinely worth every penny.

    Is it helpful?
  6. Adam Wilson (verified owner)

    A superbly made, looser fitting pair of jeans in a work wear style. I’ve never owned any jeans other than straight or slim before, however I have grown familiar with the quality and comfortable fit of HebTroCo jeans, so decided to get myself a pair. I’m glad I did. Highly recommended.

    Is it helpful?
  7. Adam Wilson (verified owner)

    Another 5 star review for me. A comfortable, looser fitting selvedge jean with a workwear aesthetic. High quality, superb indigo colour and the knowledge the denim is from an eco-conscious supplier. Furthermore, they are made in Britain and the skilled workers making them are paid fairly and their working conditions are excellent. Very happy to support such an ethical business model.

    Is it helpful?
  8. Mark Wilcox (verified owner)

    Bought these to wear on the motorbike. As with all new jeans they were a bit stiff at first so thought I’d wear them round for a few days to loosen them up. Now I can’t take them off, they’re fantastic!

    Is it helpful?
  9. Neil Lammond (verified owner)

    Different Gravy..!
    These jeans are the usual top notch quality as we have come to expect from Hobtroco. I honestly think these buggers will outlast me!!

    Is it helpful?
  10. leslesferret (verified owner)

    Not so much a pair of jeans but a feat of engineering.
    Amazing quality and will last a lifetime.

    Is it helpful?
  11. Chris Mcloughlin (verified owner)

    I originally wanted 2 pairs of jeans, one for work and one for riding my motorcycle in. These fit the bill perfectly, I can ride to work in them wear them all day and ride home in them, all the while breaking them in just nicely. I was a bit worried that they might be a bit warm on hot days but because they are a looser fit they are brilliant and don’t overheat and roast your nuts.

    Is it helpful?
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