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New M16 & GVNR Jeans

Made to our pattern at Blackhorse Lane Atelier in London. 16oz Collect 1942 Heritage Japanese Selvedge Denim

9th April 2024

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Expected to ship at the end of April. Choose from our stock sizes.

New pattern GVNR and M16 made using 16oz Japanese selvedge.

Satisfyingly starchy out of the box (stiffer on first wear than anything we’ve made before).

Selvedge denim from Collect one of the most respected Japanese denim mills.

Full of the character and charm that has earned Japanese selvedge prestige in the denim world.

Made properly to our own pattern in London.

The jeanealogy of denim

The Japanese Influence

Denim started in Europe and became jeans in America. The best were made of raw denim, woven on shuttle looms with a self edged stripe.

Jeans went from worker wear to the uniform of rodeo riders and outlaw bikers. The movies added the magic and then everybody wanted some.

Mass market production went into full swing and denim started being woven on faster more productive looms. It was no longer selvedge but full width instead. Stretch, stone wash and artificial wear and tear were introduced.

Our denim experience started here as kids in the 1970s when we nagged our parents to buy us a pair of the newly fashionable blue jeans. We didn’t know then that the best jeans were the old dark blue ones. They appreciated this in Japan though and with their love of vintage Americana, the old pairs were hunted down and then the denim itself was reproduced. So started the modern jeans revival that spread from Japan back to Europe and America, completing the circle. And that’s probably the reason you’re now here.