Micap 002


Due: May/June 2023

Mike is making Micap magic in his shed of dreams in Manchester. The second edition in the series will be with us soon and this time it’s moleskin. Read on to find out more…

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05 May 2023

New photos

The Micap 002 was out getting some action…
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01 May 2023

First Look

Creamy smooth, 6-panel baseball style. Made from…
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New photos

01 May 2023

Ed did an endurance DJing session at our recent event at Coin Hebden Bridge. Did you miss it? More on that here.

The Micap 002 was out getting some action on the mixing decks. Nicely paired up with the new Summer Shirt / Terracotta (also due to arrive this month).

First look

01 May 2023

Are you ready for the next Micap? It’s coming very soon. Mike is beavering away in his garden shed atelier as you read this, working on the second edition of 30 caps.

What is the Micap?

In case you missed it the first time around, the Micap (pronounced “my cap”) is made for us in Manchester by Mike. He’s a workshop-based milliner with a passion for design and making things properly.

Each hat is hand cut and hand sewn, one at a time to ensure the construction is spot on. All from his garden shed.

His approach to making is evident in every stitch. Solid construction, excellent fit, shaped perfectly. Made to last.

What’s the 002 like?

Creamy smooth. 6-panel, baseball style cap. Made from 100% cotton moleskin (no, it’s not made from moles). It has a two-tone soft peak made from leatherboard – topside cream moleskin, underside navy twill to dampen the sun’s glare. All internal seams are taped, plus there’s a built-in twill sweatband. It’s machine washable at 30-degrees so it’s not the end of the world if you get it a bit mucky.

The waitlist is open now – remember there will only be 30 caps and that’s it – so get yourself on the list.


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