Buzzard Gloves

How much? Probably £125.

Due: In the Spring 2023

Ashley makes gloves and other leather goods. His speciality is gloves for falconry. He runs a small workshop with a couple of machinists in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

If a glove is good enough for you to have a bird of prey perch on your hand, then we reckoned a pair of gloves will be perfect for going to the pub in, or wearing to go walking round a hill.

~ Ed

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Introducing Buzzard Gloves

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Like a cookie cutter

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10 Feb 2023
20 Feb 2023

Like a cookie cutter

20 February 2023

Production is well underway, and with that comes some leather cutting photos straight from Ashley’s workshop.

Introducing Buzzard Gloves

10 February 2023

Ashley told me he lost a lot of hair modifying his falconry glove pattern to be a pair of ‘wearing wherever gloves’. As you can see he was thorough in his execution of the idea as he now has no hair whatsoever.

Work on this project is advanced. We’ve had a sample size set made that we’re testing. We’ve chosen to go with oiled deerskin. It looks and feels amazing as well as being a truly sustainable material. UK sourced and tanned.

So far Steve has been riding his bike in them and chopping wood, Andy has been walking the dogs, Ed has been poncing round cafes and brant has lost his pair.

These gloves are beautiful and they won’t be cheap but you could use them as work gloves. They’re this good. Developed in the field. Perfect for the streets.

Seams are external to prevent rubbing.

Leather is characterful and will patina beautifully with wear.

Hoping to see these in the spring.

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