A Town Underwater

Could you live here?

Latest release by our local YouTuber the Wandering Turnip. It’s all about where HebTroCo is from – The Calder Valley.

HebTroCo was born in times of deluge and started to grow as part of the ‘Hebden Rising’ recovery, following on from the terrible flooding of Boxing Day 2015.

This valley has always flooded, after all that’s what rivers are supposed to do! Recently though the flooding has been more catastrophic and has badly affected houses and businesses. In his film, David looks at some of the worst affected areas and shares his own story, as well as the memories of local people who were there (including our own Ed) when the valley was submerged.

With Storm Babete due this weekend, this video is all the more poignant. Fingers crossed!

The story hasn’t ended and we continue to support Slow The Flow, our local natural flood management charity. More about them below the video.

A local fight against flooding

We're proud to support Slow The Flow

Slow The Flow is a local charity dedicated to raising public awareness and experience in natural and sustainable methods of flood management.