8 layers of denim

“There aren’t many factories in the UK that could or would even be willing to try to make these jeans. They can’t be knocked out quick and easy.”

The mass market is based on ‘easy’ and ‘cheap’ so when you want the quality to shine on the inside of your pair of jeans as much as on the outside, you have to really search. Finding people with the skills and experience to make production quantity runs isn’t easy.

Then there’s the issue of machinery. A triple run and fell machine that is used to sew the inseam and back yoke on our 925 jeans is rare. A lot of places wouldn’t want to invest in buying and maintaining such gear.

You also have to be able to innovate. Bob’s team came up with this hammer technique to compress the seams of our heavier denim. Rather than saying no we don’t do that, they said yes and cracked on with finding a way to do it.

And that brings us back to cost again. Good skills, good machines and time spent developing and then making with consistency it all adds up. Plus good quality denim, not the cheap stuff. All of this is value.