Handmade by Britain’s last remaining traditional heavy boot maker…

Our boots are tough with a heavyweight work boot construction, which has proven itself over centuries on farms, in quarries and forges. Leather from British tanneries, manufactured by the country’s last remaining traditional heavy boot maker, William Lennon & Co. who are based in the Derbyshire Peak District.

This factory started production in 1899 and the great-grandchildren of the founder are still running and working in the business.

“Traditional doesn’t have to mean old fashioned. Function doesn’t have to mean style-free”

Unadorned with gimmicks, the Moto Boot is understated, built to last and unique to HebTroCo.

Designed for heavy use

We wanted boots to suit our lives, and we wanted them to stand up to a beating. So, replaceable soles, toughened panels, and a construction that shapes to your body over time just like our trousers do.

The Moto Boot is made from Yorkshire oiled suede with a leather through sole. Fitted with hardwearing Vibram Commando soles which are replaceable.

Our soles are screwed and bonded to complete this beast of a boot.

So, what's your size?

Our boots are standard British sizing. Slightly generous in the toe area, but if you’re a half size, go up. The dimensions below indicate the width of the footbed in the boot.

(Heel to Toe mm)
6 249 90
7 255 92
8 267 94
9 272 96
10 282 98
11 297 100
12 300 102

Caring for your boots

You don’t need to do much as these are tough boots. 

When wet allow them to dry thoroughly in the air and away from heat sources. 

Don’t put them on a radiator or in front of the fire as this will damage the leather. 

To clean, use a nylon scrubbing brush to remove mud and stains. If you need to do more, just wipe with a damp cloth. When dry dab sparingly with dubbin.

They are guaranteed for life against manufacturing defects.

1 review for Moto Boot / Black

  1. James (verified owner)

    It’s been about a year now since I purchased my Moto Boots. I am in the USA, so shipping alone was £60, so this was an expensive purchase, and I was concerned that I’d end up with buyer’s remorse. I’ve never regretted any purchase from HebTroCo, however, ever since my dear friend Maureen (who lived and died in Hebden Bridge) recommended them.

    I didn’t need to fear a thing. A year into wearing them, they’ve grown more comfortable and an even better fit, which is remarkable because they fit perfectly on arrival. HEAVY boots that will let you stomp out and survive whatever you must, these things are by far my favorite daily boots now. Although they’re not even showing wear, I came back to the website today to see if they were still being made, with the notion of buying a backpack pair just in case that giant meteorite does end up destroying civilization.

    I cannot recommend these boots highly enough, and yes, they do well on motorbikes, too. I’ve notched up not a few hours on my KTM Adventure with them, in the Bigfoot-infested backwoods of Washington state.

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