Super heavy 16oz double black selvedge denim with a Contour fit

The M16 are the slimmest jeans we do – our Contour fit – with narrower thigh, knee and hem. Not “skinny” but as slim as you can get without using dirty stretch denim.

They are meant to be worn with a turn-up so the selvedge is visible. We’ll send them to you ready-to-wear with a 2-inch turn-up. If you’re planning on wearing them without a turn-up, just bear in mind that the actual leg length will be 2 inches longer than what you order. I.e. a 30in leg is actually 32in without the turn-up. You follow?

Scroll down (or tap here) to check the waist sizing if ordering from us the first time. You’ll often need a size larger than many other brands as we don’t do vanity sizing.

It's in the details...

Chunky denim

The heaviest denim jeans we do. Also available in Indigo.

Raw sanforized denim

Won’t shrink. Double black will fade slowly and develop grey highlights with wear.

pocket lining for strength

in the bottom of back patch pockets.

visible striped selvedge

Turn-up those turn-ups.

candiani selvedge

World renowned for their environmental credentials. More here.

Metal fly buttons & rivets

To keep the mouse securely in the house.

proper belt loops

that take a 1.5″ belt.

Riveted ticket pocket

in front right pocket.

secret pocket

built into the pocket bag of front left pocket.

Planet conscious jeans

We source all our denim from Italian textile masters, Candiani. Their approach to production innovation and sustainability is nothing short of exceptional. It’s no wonder they are considered the world’s most eco denim mill.

Your M16 / Double Black are made from Candiani selvedge denim and have the highest environmental credentials.

Environmental sustainability is at the forefront of all stages of production of Candiani denim. Using BCI cotton, a micro-plastics-free dye process, solar power and water recycling to name some of the process used.

Plant based (biodegradable, non toxic, microplastics-free) sizing compound is used in the dyeing process, replacing all hazardous chemicals that are commonly used in the denim industry.

What is Selvedge?

Selvedge is old-style denim, woven on narrow looms and typically has a more characterful appearance and a higher level of quality than mass-produced denim.

You can see the selvedge (self edged) stripe at the turn up. It’s where during weaving the outside edge of the cloth has been woven together to stop it having a raw edge.

Care Guide

F*cking up your jeans is really difficult IF you follow our care guide. If you choose not to, you’re on your own.

When you buy any of our denim garments, we’ll throw a copy of our Denim Care booklet in your parcel.

If your booklet goes walkabout, gets eaten by a dog, or stolen as a bookmark, no worries, we’ve published a copy of it online, so no excuses.

Sizing Guide

Ed wears 32/28 in the photos. He’s 5’8″ and 10.5 stone.

Any questions at all please email us and we’ll do our best to guide you.

  • CM
SIZE 30 32 34 36 38 40 42
1/2 Waist (A) 15.6 16.5 17.5 18.5 19.5 20.5 21.5
Inside Leg (B) As per your selection
Leg Opening (C) 7.0 7.1 7.2 7.3 7.4 7.5 7.6
SIZE 30 32 34 36 38 40 42
1/2 Waist (A) 39.5 42 44.5 47 49.5 52 54.5
Inside Leg (B) As per your selection
Leg Opening (C) 17.7 18 18.3 18.6 18.9 19.1 19.4


  1. Trouser Buyer (verified owner)

    These are really good. They feel very solid and substantial but not over-heavy. The fit is accurate/true to size. They are very, very black. They’re good value at the price and I’m really happy that I bought them.

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  2. Hev (verified owner)

    Excellent quality jeans! I normally wear a womens’ 29” waist and had no idea where to start when ordering proper non-stretch jeans, but customer service were a great help in recommending a size to suit my measurements (they fit perfectly thanks Teasha! ).

    Quality construction all the way down to the details with the stitching and labels, far exceeding my expectations given the price compared to similar brands. Love ‘em, will definitely be coming back for a second pair.

    Is it helpful?
  3. Simon (verified owner)

    I bought a pair of these back in the pre sale days of spring. Not going to lie, they took a bit of wearing in initially and I was struggling with the stiffness of the fabric. 5-6 months in of wearing a day a week and fabric is well worn in now and I’m used to the heaviness of the fabric. I think they’re fabulous things and would encourage you all to buy a pair if you can. Especially with the possibility of aftercare service. I just have to lock them away when not being worn as the other half doesn’t understand raw denim and keeps threatening to wash them.

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  4. Ian Thorn (verified owner)

    Was fed up with having 4 or 5 pairs of high street jeans in various states of repair. Now I have 2 pairs – black for work and blue for the weekend. It has simplified my wardrobe significantly having bulletproof trousers that only require washing every few months or so. Planning the shirt next.

    Is it helpful?
  5. Michael Rowley

    Well, I just got these in the post today and I’m afraid they may have just made my other black jeans redundant. I normally got for the straight fit in denim, and have the standard GVNR in indigo, but these are the business. Bye bye old black 501s, hello M16s.

    Is it helpful?
  6. Adam Wilson (verified owner)

    Superb heavy selvedge denim. A deep black colour and jeans that fit well and are comfortable to wear. Add to this Candiani’s sustainability credentials and HebTroCo’s commitment to making their clothes in the UK they are good to wear as well as being good for the environment and the UK economy. Grab yourself a pair. They’ll be the best jeans you buy.

    Is it helpful?
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