Super heavy 16oz indigo selvedge denim with a Contour fit…

16oz 100% organic cotton denim with a red selvedge stripe is woven by Candiani Denim, the most eco denim mill in the world.

The M16 are the slimmest jeans we do – our Contour fit – with narrower thigh, knee and hem. Not “skinny” but as slim as you can get without using dirty stretch denim.

They are meant to be worn with a turn-up so the selvedge is visible. We’ll send them to you ready-to-wear with a 2-inch turn-up. If you’re planning on wearing them without a turn-up, just bear in mind that the actual leg length will be 2 inches longer than what you order. I.e. a 30in leg is actually 32in without the turn-up. You follow?

Scroll down (or tap here) to check the waist sizing if ordering from us the first time. You’ll often need a size larger than many other brands as we don’t do vanity sizing.

Selvedge from the world’s most eco denim mill

We have teamed up with Italian denim masters, Candiani, the world’s most Eco denim mill. Our selvedge denim has the highest environmental credentials.

M16s are made with 100% organic cotton, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. Plant based (biodegradable, non toxic, microplastics free) sizing compound is used in the dyeing process replacing all hazardous chemicals that are commonly used in the denim industry.

‪At all stages of manufacture, environmental sustainability is at the forefront of the selvedge production with BCI cotton, microplastics free dye process, solar powerand water recycling just some of the process that are used. ‬

I wish I had bought these sooner. Hands down the best pair of jeans I have ever owned. I only wear jeans in colder weather so the heavy weight is perfect. Not owned jeans which keep my legs warm before – certainly not when it’s blowing a gale. Worth every penny.

Care Guide

You’ve bought a lovely pair of raw denim jeans. As they get older and start to fade you want to create your own fade lines rather than have the washing machine do it. If you want the best looking jeans wash at 3 to 6 month intervals.

Don’t just stick them in the washing machine with everything. For best results drip dry, don’t spin, and definitely do not tumble dry.

Will my jeans shrink?

The denim we use is raw. This means that it hasn’t been washed and hasn’t been through chemical colour-fast treatments. It has been sanforized though, which means that shrinkage on first wash will be minimal – less than 2% in length and 1% in width. This means that leg length will shorten by half to three quarters of an inch. Waist shrinkage is negligible. Jeans may tighten a little in the waist, but will loosen after wear. They will only lose half an inch in length.

Sizing Guide

Any questions at all please email us and we’ll do our best to guide you.

  • CM
SIZE 30 32 34 36 38 40 42
1/2 Waist (A) 15.6 16.5 17.5 18.5 19.5 20.5 21.5
Inside Leg (B) As per your selection
Leg Opening (C) 7.0 7.1 7.2 7.3 7.4 7.5 7.6
SIZE 30 32 34 36 38 40 42
1/2 Waist (A) 39.5 42 44.5 47 49.5 52 54.5
Inside Leg (B) As per your selection
Leg Opening (C) 17.7 18 18.3 18.6 18.9 19.1 19.4


  1. Damo (verified owner)

    Fuck me, they’re tremendous!
    I ummed and ahhed for ages, whittling about being unable to try them on / fit / shrinkage / turn up leg length etc, but I’m so glad I placed an order.
    I’ve never had a pair of jeans like them.
    They’re so thick I struggled to bend my legs, and the feel / quality is outstanding. Plus they look really well.
    Even my mate said they look amazing and my mates never pay compliments.

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  2. calmac29

    Second pair of “hebs” purchased. too good to only have one pair of. Both pairs worth absolutely every single penny

    “what we obtain too cheaply we esteem to lightly”

    – Thomas payne

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  3. Michael Scarisbrick (verified owner)

    Straight out of the brown paper bag, these jeans have transported me back to less confusing and complicated times.
    They fit right. They feel right. They look right.

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  4. Simon (verified owner)

    The M16 selvedge denim jeans are fantastic. The fabric and quality of the finishing are impeccable. It’s obvious that time and care have been taken to make them. I was a little concerned that the 16oz cloth might be a little unforgiving, but the opposite is true. The denim is smooth to the touch, flexible and stylish. They can just as easily be worn with a casual jacket as with a t-shirt or jumper, not forgetting a nice belt of course. I usually wear 32/32 and the same size in these M16 jeans fit me perfectly. I feel good about wearing something crafted in Britain and am very happy with my purchase.

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  5. Mac (verified owner)

    I’ll admit, the price tag was a bit daunting at first, when you are used to spending £50 on a pair of jeans, it seems a lot. But the fact is, once your first pair arrives you’ll realise there’s no comparison. High street jeans are shite! Simple as that. These jeans are simply the best quality build, most comfortable jeans I’ve ever owned. I’ve just gone back and bought some moleskins and next month (when I get paid) I’ll be back for a pair of R14s. Do it. You won’t regret.

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  6. apeareth (verified owner)

    Anybody who’s bought anything from Hebtroco know the quality of the clothing they sell, I’ve had a bit of it all, from socks to jeans to iron shirts, big owld jackets, cord shirts and they’ve all been mint, these jeans are no different, first pair I received were a bit roomy around the waist, sent them back, went a size down and they’re perfect….. that was all done and dusted in under a week and more importantly there was no drama at all, done with a couple of emails……impressive stuff, but no surprise to me.

    The customer service you get is second to none, they look after you from start to finish.


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  7. L

    I got these on a take it or leave it and they’re the mutts
    They were washed hence the reduction, I’ve been wearing them the last 4 weeks in my new job- and not washed them.

    They’re a great true fit, comfortable and look pretty f’n cool with doc martens or old school three stripe trainers

    I would buy these again, and recommend them too
    I have other hebtros and her indoors says these are the best fit

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  8. richard (verified owner)

    I buy a reasonable amount of stuff from these lovely folk mainly as I love the ethic. I dont like everything that they make and in fact wouldn’t be seen dead wearing some of it

    I accept that it isnt cheap but oh boy the quality is spot on and whilst these jeans may well be pricier than a pair of made in Vietnam Levis they will last 5 times longer so in reality they are good value

    Dont be a tight dick
    If you want jeans these are brilliant

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  9. James Sandy (verified owner)

    I wish I had bought these sooner. Hands down the best pair of jeans I have ever owned. I only wear jeans in colder weather so the heavy weight is perfect. Not owned jeans which keep my legs warm before – certainly not when it’s blowing a gale. Worth every penny.

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  10. Wesley Donnelly (verified owner)

    I’ve just received my M16 jeans today and these are my 1st pair of selvedge denim. I didn’t quite know what to expect but WOW they are amazing and I’m sure will last a long time. I prefer the slimmer profile and they look and feel extremely well built.

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  11. Adam Wilson (verified owner)

    These were the first HebTroCo jeans I bought. Delighted with them. Liked them so much I’ve bought another pair in black.

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  12. toby.renouf (verified owner)

    Best pair of jeans I’ve ever put on. Slim but not skinny, really top quality denim. The sizing recommendations are spot on. Oh and nice eco-friendly packaging.

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  13. Mike Rawlins (verified owner)

    I’ve got two pairs of these, I don’t need any more jeans, these will last me for years.

    Excellent quality and manufacturing, they fit really well.

    Properly made, quality product, like you got in the old days, before we started with the cheap and cheerful from third-world sweatshops.

    They may seem expensive but they will last you at least ten times longer than anything you buy from Primarni.

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  14. Jason Hemingway (verified owner)

    When you pay good money for something you ‘expect’ quality, but ‘hope’ for service to match it.
    Well, these jeans are amazing quality, solid well made, great detail and superb fit. The service from Brant went another level from hope though, worked with me via email comms to get the perfect fit jeans after a couple of attempts by me – Just I wanted a straighter cut than what I originally ordered – he was great, friendly and very helpful. This is hard to demonstrate on a good marketing campaign unlike the clothes, so it needs word of mouth by happy punters like me, to tell you how mega the whole experience was.
    But, the jeans are the best I’ve owned

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  15. Greg Donkin (verified owner)

    It’s early days yet but here are some first impressions.
    The denim is tight weave and smooth to the touch. As it’s 16oz it’s not
    super smooth but you wouldn’t call it slubby.
    The stitching is excellent in classic high-contrast yellow/orange and is
    visible on every hem / seam except the outside leg.
    The buttons and rivets are steel and only on the front, the rear pockets are stitched, no hidden rivets here.
    The website really should have some close-up pictures of the pockets and the stitching, these are details that denimn-heads are interested in.
    As these jeans are 16oz, like a pair of boots, they need wearing in and initially the cloth is little a bit stiff. I presume they’ll relax when washed but I haven’t got that far yet. All in all a good pair of ‘proper’ jeans and if you don’t want to look like a hipster twat then buy the shorter leg length and don’t have them turned up.
    But if you do that you can’t show off the selvedge and that’s what it’s about isn’t it? Showing off how you appreciate real denim.

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  16. duncan.c.irvine (verified owner)

    These jeans are very solidly constructed and everything about them feels good quality. A completely different kettle of fish to stretchies that disintegrate within a year. It also matters to me that the purchase isn’t financing any autocracies, but supports a business doing something really decent here in the UK. I will be buying more of their stuff as funds allow!

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  17. Robert Davies (verified owner)

    Such high quality with lovely finishing touches. Genuinely look as good inside as they do out. Have made me realise how poor the jeans I had been buying really were!

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  18. Paul Osborne ‘ (verified owner)

    My 4th pair of jeans from Hebtroco and already my favourite! The fit is brilliant and the slightly heavier denim makes a noticeable difference. My previous pair of narrow jeans (177’s?) have eventually been washed so have softened into a comfortable everyday jeans, but these are darker and sharper, fitted around the thigh and calf without feeling tight. When I bought my first pair back in 2019 I followed the size guide and it’s been bang on with each subsequent pair. If they start making them in black…

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