Super heavy 16oz selvedge. Probably bulletproof, but we haven’t tested it…

(and neither should you)

Double black colour that will patina magnificently with wear.

Selvedge showing on inside of placket.

Two invisible side seam pockets. They’re big.

Two even bigger inside pockets. Forgotten your bag for life? You’ll save face by having these pockets when you need to do some tactical shopping.

Two outside chest pockets.

Press stud fasteners throughout.

Run and fell side seams, shoulder and yoke seam across chest.

Hang loop inside neck.

Denim woven on 1960s shuttle looms.


No mistakes with this shirt, but do you know the story of the original Iron Shirt?

The story of the Iron Shirt

A love of the heavy sounds of Lee “Scratch” Perry gave us the ambition several years ago to make the Iron Shirt. If you don’t know the tune you need to search out ‘Disco Devil’. Back then our idea was a bit of a joke but it turns out that we were deadly serious.

The truth is we sent the wrong denim to our supplier to make this shirt. It was time to restock our Selvedge Denim Overshirt but instead of ordering 8oz shirt denim, we ordered the 16oz that we use for our M16 jeans and jackets. Oh heck.

We knew something was up when the factory said that the denim was a bit stiff and that they were having problems getting the finished shirts into our standard bags. 200 shirts arrived in a courier van that was riding low into its suspension. The boxes were very heavy.

Then bad got worse. The standard press studs that are perfect for our usual 8oz shirt were not suitable for the heavier cloth. Breathe and the shirts popped open. Despite this apparent tragedy we couldn’t help thinking that the shirt was actually really good.

In this business we’ve got used to dealing with problems. After all we started the company just as the Brexit vote happened followed by Covid and the non stop apocalypse that’s followed. Keep calm and carry on making really good stuff is the mantra. It’s worked so far and fingers crossed the good ship HebTroCo will steer a successful course through the stormy sea that is life. Anyway….

After a tense session with the pliers it turned out that our amazing factory could swap out the press studs for some heavy weight ones. 2,400 press studs later and we have a shirt made to jacket weight and specification, that we never would have dared to do. Sometimes you’ve just got to put on your Iron Shirt and dance with the disco devil.

Is it eco denim?

Yes! All our denim comes from Candiani in Italy.

The Iron Shirt is made with 100% organic cotton which is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.

Candiani have great sustainability credentials and make some of the best quality denim in the world that is a joy to wear. Plant based (biodegradable, non toxic, microplastics free) sizing compound is used in the dyeing process replacing all hazardous chemicals that are commonly used in the denim industry.

At all stages of manufacture, environmental sustainability is at the forefront of the selvedge production with BCI cotton, microplastics free dye process, solar power and water recycling just some of the process that are used.

Care Guide

Wash as little as possible.

When you really need to wash it, either soak in the bath in lukewarm water then drip dry or 30 degree machine wool wash, no spin and drip dry. Spinning will result in bad looking fade creases.

Avoid white upholstery as this colour will transfer until you’ve worn it in and washed it..

Fit & Sizing Guide

Ed wears a size medium shirt in the photos. He’s 5’8″ and 10.5 stone.

Will fit a sweatshirt or light jumper underneath.
16oz denim is initially stiff but will soften with wear.

Because it’s a thick 1kg shirt, it feels more fitted and so if you want it to feel loose, go up a size.

Any questions at all please email us and we’ll do our best to guide you.

  • CM
Pit to Pit (A) 21.5 22.4 23.9 25.4 26.9 28.3
Back Length (B) 28.7 29.1 29.7 30.3 30.9 31.5
Sleeve Length (C) 25.8 26.0 26.3 26.6 26.9 27.2
Pit to Pit (A) 54.5 57 60.75 64.5 68.25 72
Back Length (B) 73 74 75.5 77 78.5 80
Sleeve Length (C) 65.5 66 66.75 67.5 68.25 69


Based on 7 reviews

7 reviews for Iron Shirt / Double Black

  1. John (verified owner)

    Ordered a shirt which didn’t fit me so upordered to this shirt for some extra magic beans. Really good fit apart from the sleeves being too long (or are my arms too short) so wear it with the cuffs turned back Jason King style (yes I am that old). Superb quality and am looking forward to it being orooerly worn in in the next few years

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  2. Will Tricks (verified owner)

    I bought the double Black, Iron shirt as it looked so good on the pretty boy in the picture. I had a side of Merino Socks, all had a feel and heads were turned.
    They were delivered in grand style, brown paper package tied up which string, which is one of my favorite things.
    Shirt was on straight away and into my recliner with a Speckled Hen, after a hard day felling trees and half a pint the smell of new denim I was snoring hard.
    Very comfortable and compared to hawthorn and nettle a real good fit.
    I have long arms and usually find shirts to be short in the sleeve, the Iron Shirt is spot on. Took it for a test drive round the block and was impressed with it s handling and had kind remarks from passers by.
    I’m saving the merino socks for Christmas day as I still have a good stash of your socks, I bought ten pairs a while back and with rotation the are all doing well.
    The Iron Shirt will be tested off road in the woods at work from September.
    Cheers, Will Tricks

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  3. Colin Spencer (verified owner)

    Absolutely in love with the iron shirt in double black. Perfect fit for my rotund body (went for size XL). Not stopped wearing it. The design and quality is excellent and we’ll work the money.

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  4. apeareth (verified owner)

    It’s a Top Shirt, it’s top left open with a nice T underneath and it’s also top buttoned reet up to your bottom chin, the denim’s as heavy as a Smiths Lyric and also doubles up as a windcheater because breezes aren’t getting through this bad boy

    It’s a Top Shirt.

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  5. mark.tomo (verified owner)

    Hi Hebtroco
    Absolutely love this shirt, build quality is excellent and the pocket set up especially the 2 inside cargo pockets are a godsend. It’s the only bit of kit I’ve been complimented on and asked about. You’ve made an old welder very happy.
    I’m 59 and love quality kit.

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  6. pearlybluebeard (verified owner)

    To be honest I was hooked straight from the mistake to marvel story and a shirt that heavy was something I wanted a little badly. And now I have one. It’s almost like wearing body armour. Fantastic. I love the ethics and the quality even down to the environmentally benign packaging. I liked it so much I later got some jeans to go with it. A bit like a tattoo – you get one and before you know it….
    I’m a fan of your work.

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  7. Dave Heath (verified owner)

    Hello Hebtroco,
    Have received my Black Iron Shirt, I am a 60 something and still pretty active. Chuffed with shirt and fairly confident that it will see me out! Great quality like everything else I have purchased from you.
    Only regret is that you weren’t around 30/40 years back.

    Love and peace


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