We’ve lost 50% of curlews in the UK in 25 years, so it’s time to do something about it.

The curlew truly is an ambassador for all the wild things. It’s also a key symbol of our natural national health.

 By saving the curlew we’ll save a lot of other birds, flowers, insects and maybe even ourselves in the process. 

Don’t curfew the curlew…

The noun of assemblage for curlew is actually a curfew. However we don’t want to see it being curtains for this most evocative of our birds. 

To maintain the UK curlew population, each pair needs to produce 1 chick every other year. They’re not even managing that at the moment.

You’ve probably seen us going on about saving the curlew, the UK’s largest wading bird, which is now on the conservation red list. You really can help by buying these socks.

All the profit from these socks goes to Curlew Action.

Made in Scotland

81% cotton

18% recycled post production waste polyamide

1% recycled post production waste elastane

Here’s a bit about what Curlew Action does in their own words. (Photo by Damian Money)

“We support the hands on stuff by providing financial support to the Curlew Recovery Partnership and headstarting (incubating eggs and releasing birds to bolster the current population) with projects like Curlew Country.”

How does Curlew Action help?

By promoting and facilitating open communication –  e.g. our webinar series ‘Conservation: lessons from the curlew‘ in which we discuss the thorny but necessary topics like predator control, forestry and silage. We can’t protect curlew unless people understand what is happening and people are prepared to talk to each other. Basically, we’re willing to have the awkward conversations.

Natural History Education – GCSE.

In a European study, the UK ranked bottom for nature connectedness and wellbeing.

We have become one of the most nature depleted countries in the world, ranking 12 from bottom in a study of 240 countries for biodiversity.

Words removed from the Oxford Junior Dictionary include: Acorn, Adder, Ash, Bluebell, Buttercup, Kingfisher, Willow.

Curlew Action spearheaded the campaign for a GCSE in Natural History and is now working to ensure schools across England adopt it and teachers are well-trained and excited about the subject.

International picture – building connections with curlew groups across Europe to understand how Eurasian curlews are doing across their entire range. Sharing resources, best practice, and guidance. Lots of groups are currently working in isolation of each other. 

Celebrating curlew – Our founder established World Curlew Day back in 2017, art & poetry competitions, schools outreach, music, photography, generally celebrating the cultural significance of curlew. People will not protect what they do not love or value.

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  1. Louise Pritchard

    I brought 3 pairs of these lovely socks, they are comfy with lovely colours and curlew motifs.
    Past delivery.
    Great customer care, from a real person!

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  2. stevenascough (verified owner)

    Nice socks,good cause.

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  3. ellenbradley97 (verified owner)

    Great socks, bought them in both colours!

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  4. alastairfarley (verified owner)

    Tremendous pair of socks, supporting the curlews and bearded hipsters at the same time.

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