Grey Viking Socks

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Viking is a heavy, fully cushioned mid calf wool sock to keep you warm in the frozen wastes and on raids.

Really warm and really hardwearing, our premium heavy weight – Hiking, Biking and Viking socks are knitted with 60% wool and 40% nylon. Made exclusively for us in the English midlands.

Cushioned for comfort.

No stink, no shrink! Made from no stink wool, the original and best sock material. Nylon added for longevity and so they don’t shrink in the wash.

Medium = UK size 7-9

Large = UK size 10-12

Wash at 30 degrees.

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5 reviews for Grey Viking Socks

  1. Stevo Orlic (verified owner)

    Jesus H Christ on sodding great stick, these socks are like sex for the feet. Sumptuous and warm, great fit for me ( I’m a 10) great for my motorbike, general walking, hill walking and lounging around the house ina ruffneck stylie . Will buy more. Bargain. Bring it on winter, do ya worst….

  2. Stuart Wilson

    I received a pair of these socks as a Secret Santa gift and while I knew they’d be top quality (because everything Ed and Brant put out is), I wasn’t sure the large size would fit my size 14 feet – but no need to worry!

    While the sizing guide suggests 10-12, if you’re a 13 or 14 give them a go. I had no issues with my broad feet and the socks fitted comfortably in the toe and heel.

    Break the rules the at your own risk, but it worked out well for me

  3. Richard Eadon (verified owner)

    I was expecting some of those old brutal bombproof wool socks that felt like warm itching powder but these are nothing like that. Thick, smooth and toasty.
    The masochist in me was a smidge disappointed at the luxury of these but they are bloody lovely.

  4. Kevin Francis (verified owner)

    The most comfortable socks I have. And the warmest (my feet are always cold, but not with these on!) I spend a lot of time on my feet and always invest properly in both shoes and socks – not the most glamorous of garments but you notice the difference when what you are wearing is decent. These tick all the boxes. Uber comfy, toasty warm, hold their shape, don’t stink and are breathable in the way wool is. Not itchy either which is a massive bonus! Thanks guys.

  5. Andy Fryer (verified owner)

    These are a serious, substantial pair of socks: they’re thick, warm and instantly comfortable (no itching or scratching). Generous sizing too – wear with your bigger boots.

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