Out & about

We're involved with a couple of local campaigns that are close to our hearts. They don't really have anything to do with trousers but you might be interested to find out more...

Don't Curfew the Curlew

Climb out of the valley from Hebden Bridge and you’ll find yourself soon on the wild and windy moors. The past few hundred years of human activity have not been kind to this fragile ecosystem.

In the spring and summer you’ll see and hear the wonderful bird that is the curlew. What we didn’t realise was that they are in decline and that, as a species, they show the state of health of our local natural environment…

Latest update: 18/10/22

Slow the Flow

You’ve probably seen it on the news. Hebden Bridge often gets its feet wet… with devastating effects on residents and businesses.

Ed heads out into the woods with local charity Slow the Flow to discover how they are working with nature to help reduce flooding in the future.

Latest update: 12/10/22

It's nice to be nice

When we moved up into our new larger warehouse, we ended up with a big pile of clothes that had no place to go.

We decided to see if the good people at the Oxfam shop in Hebden Bridge would like to take this stuff…