Under the hammer

I’m going to say hammers a lot.

There are no computers involved in the making of our boots. It’s all hammers, strange nineteenth century machines and lots of time. The boots are made by hand and eye not automation or AI.


Our sought-after three hole boot made of Yorkshire tanned, waxy wheatbuck leather. Updated for 2024 with a Dainite rubber stud sole for added flexibility.

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We visited the William Lennon factory this week to see how the latest Chukka Boots order is going. Vic shot some video of Dan putting the sole and heel on a boot and this hammer and nails production is available for you to watch now.

If you like vintage engineering, belting things with hammers, old school skills and an aesthetic that only comes from over a hundred years of being useful, then you’ll love this place

After some sucking of teeth Dan told us to expect these redesigned 50 pairs of boots sometime in January. We thought it might be next week but that was brushed aside as a daft idea! There is no rushing here.

This production will be an all-new version of our Chukkas, which have been in the range for about seven years (in and out, as we can get them). With a new rubber Dainite ‘spiked sole’ that adds flexibility, Dan said that they would be our ‘modern’ boots. He was chuckling as he said this. 

Our Chukka, Moto and Derby boots are made in the same way that heavy work boots have been made in the William Lennon factory since 1899. 

Soles are screwed with threaded brass wire to the uppers because the main customers in the old days were quarry workers and they needed soles that would not come off. Times are not as tough now but the boots are just as practical and rugged as ever and they look fantastic.

Hammers forever.