Ventile® Smock


Proper true 4-season outer shell for the hills as well as the city.

Highly rain and wind resistant, our smock is made of premium Ventile® L24 – “The world’s most effective, natural, all-weather cotton textile that is grown sustainably. It’s the best choice for durability, reliability and all-round performance.”

Ventile will keep you dry in rain for a couple of hours and protect you from rough weather all day. It’s light, incredibly breathable, quick drying and tough. For us the real joy of it though, is that you don’t sound or feel like you’re wearing a sweaty crisp packet!

Want something 100% waterproof? The only thing we’ve found is a pub.

Our smock is based closely on an original British Antarctic Survey smock, given to us by a customer. That was made at the famous Hebden Cord in Hebden Bridge where we’re based.

We’ve used our experience of outdoor activities over the years, to bring together a garment that works in all conditions and in the way we want. It’s the one garment that you can grab and wear in any condition. From high wind, snow, rain, dog walking, mountain trekking and commuting. This is not a re-enactment garment, but rather a very practical outdoor outer layer made in a classic style.

Features are kept simple. Large zipped chest pocket with zip pull (and a British made zip!). Large waist pocket with baffled openings at either side. Adjustable drawcords at hood, waist and hem to get the fit and regulate temperature. Production will have neater drawcords than these images.

Three sizes will cover everyone from XS to 3XL.

Size 1 is XS-M

Size 2 is M-XL

Size 3 is for the big lads – XL to 3XL

It’s a loose fitting garment with a good sleeve length and the waist draw cord sizes it well for anyone.

Buy now at preorder price. Very limited quantity stock right now. Order from stock or preorder at discounted £340 price.

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