“This is not a re-enactment garment, but rather a very practical outdoor outer layer made in a classic style.”

We’ve used our experience of outdoor activities over the last 40 years, to bring together a garment that works in all conditions, just the way we want it to. It’s the one garment that you can grab and wear in any condition. From high wind, snow, rain, dog walking, mountain trekking, commuting and pub crawling. Also survival tested at festivals.

Our smock is based closely on an original British Antarctic Survey smock, given to us by a customer. Read about that here. That original was made at the famous Hebden Cord, now closed down, in Hebden Bridge where we’re based. We added a baffled, kangaroo style pocket, in addition to the generous chest pocket, to our version. Perfect for keeping your hands warm and storing all your extra adventure tackle.

Made of premium Ventile® L24 with a single layer construction

Lightweight, breathable, quick-drying & tough

Baffled, kangaroo-style pocket

Generous chest pocket (fits an action mat)

adjustable drawcord hem, waist & hood

Built in cuff with popper adjustment. No crap Velcro here to spoil your jumper

The single layer Ventile® construction will keep you dry in rain for a couple of hours and protect you from rough weather all day. It’s light, incredibly breathable, quick drying and tough.

You will get people telling you that you need double Ventile® to stay dry, but the problem here is that it will be heavier, sweatier and more expensive. For more of an “action smock” you want single Ventile.

“The real joy of this amazing garment is that you don’t sound or feel like you’re wearing a sweaty crisp packet!”

Want to be 100% waterproof? Stay inside by the fire.

So, what's your size?

Three sizes cover everyone from XS to 3XL

Josh wears 40″ waist pants & XXL tops – wearing size 2 smock. brant 34″ pants, large tops – wearing size 2 smock.

Size 1 XS - M
Size 2 M - XL
Size 3 XL - 3XL
  • CM
Pit to Pit (A)33.534.936.4
Back Length (B)31.331.932.5
Sleeve Length (C)30.131.932.5
SIZE 1 2 3
Pit to Pit (A) 85 88.75 92.5
Back Length (B) 79.5 81 82.5
Sleeve Length (C) 79.5 81 82.5

It’s a loose fitting garment with a good sleeve length and the waist draw cord sizes it well for anyone.

Any questions at all please email us and we’ll do our best to guide you.

The story of the HebTroCo Ventile Smock

It was used at Rothera Base, Antarctica in 1986-1988. The shot here is me on the left with it on.

Here’s the original smock that we were given by Will, a HebTroCo customer, who was issued it when he was part of the British Antarctic Survey in the 1980s.

Will told us…

“It was used at Rothera Base, Antarctica in 1986-1988. The shot here is me on the left with it on.”

“My children don’t want it and I just look at it now with fond memories so it’s time to offload it. You were provided with two wind proof tops, this one was used on field trips, whilst the other was for general 24 hr use.”

The design brief for these original smocks was to make a simple and practical garment to keep you alive and working merrily in cold-and-wet or cold-and-dry conditions. We thought it best we stick with that as it sounds like most of the year here in Yorkshire. If it was good enough for the Antarctic, it will keep us happy walking on the top of the Pennines and walking to the pub in Hebden Bridge.

Polar clothing must keep the body warm whilst allowing perspiration to disperse. The pattern must allow a full range of free movement and be comfortable whatever the weather decides to throw at you.

The smock should be worn as part of a layering system. The magic is that several thin layers allow ventilation to let the perspiration out, as well as trapping air for insulation. Thick heavy clothes just don’t do this.

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