Made in Sheffield from all-British sourced materials

Established in 1864, Samuel Staniforth continues to manufacture knives in the traditional way from their factory in Sheffield.

The 9-inch Chef Knife is one of four Sheffield blades on the HebTroCo kitchen counter alongside our Paring Knife, 6-inch Chef Knife and Bread Knife.

Every part of the manufacturing process from shaping the blank form, sharpening, preparing and attaching handles, and buffing through to polish is still performed by their skilled workforce from their factory in Sheffield.

Caring for your knife

Samuel Staniforth recommends that you wash your knife by hand (not in a dishwasher).

Don’t leave your knife standing in water. Dry your knife thoroughly after washing.

Store your knife in a wooden block or wall mounted magnet to maintain the blade’s sharp edge. Don’t put it in a drawer.

Sharpen your knife little and often.

Don’t be a dick. Take care when using your knife. It is very sharp. Doh!

First sharpen on us

Knives work so much better when they’re sharp which is why your knife includes one free sharpen with Community Cutlery in Ilkley.

10 Year Guarantee

All Samuel Staniforth Knives are guaranteed for 10 years from the date of purchase against defects caused by faulty materials and/or workmanship.

Retain your order confirmation email as proof of purchase.


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