The leather will patina beautifully with age, telling the story of your time spent together.

The HebTroCo Minimum Leather Wallets are made for us one-by-one by Ashley Clarke in his Lincolnshire workshop.

Ashley’s creative roots lie in the world of falconry leather goods – he also made our Buzzard Gloves, which unlike their name suggests aren’t for landing buzzards, but are a top quality pair of gloves that look the business no matter where you are.


  1. Jamie

    I like a minimal wallet. I’ve had a neat little wooden card wallet for years but it’s finally worn out… So Hebtro’s new wallet landed just right. Compact, snug (your cards won’t escape), right size for 4 cards (soak it, stretch it with your cards) and a rolled up tenner squeezed down the middle. Just the ticket! Thanks chaps for another well made, well thought out product! And supporting UK craftsmanship. Ace!

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