1. RICHARD MASSEY (verified owner)

    It is a top quality product and super warm and the piccalilli colour makes it easy for people to spot you and you will never need to think of an extra filling for your cheese and ham sandwich*.

    So I wanted to give it 10 stars but I am disappointed with this product because it doesn’t itch and make my life miserable. I missed those moments after 5minutes when you feel you need to scratch your bonce until blood runs from your scalp and your ears freeze because it’s winter. So avoid if you have a masochistic streak. Next time I order something from HEBTROCO I will try to remember to read more than the first line in the product description

    * I would consider buying another in a colour like BRANSTON or SALAD CREAM…….. however NOT Gentleman’s Relish/Patum Perium/as I hate anything with anchovies.

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