We live and work in the Calder Valley. It echoes the whispers and memories of experiences lived. It inspires, grounds and it reminds us why we do what we do.

Getting lost in the magic of this place is a soothing antidote to the relentless motion of modern day life.

It’s blissful to shut off from it all and let our minds drift through the woods and onto the misty moors where shadows roam and ideas gather.

These hills have borne witness to the rise of heavy industrialisation and the extreme hardship that befell its people. All this at the hand of those who preferred great wealth over providing fair pay and working conditions. Such desperation fuelled revolts, one of the most iconic being that of the Cragg Vale Coiners who turned to clipping coins to generate income to feed their families.

Credit is due to Benjamin Myers and his acclaimed historical fiction novel The Gallows Pole. The recent dramatisation by Shane Meadows for the BBC was a triumph. In a way we’re now clipping the coins of their success to pay ourselves and those who depend on us!

HebTroCo was born in the pub. We started with a pair of trousers and it’s snowballed from there.

We might look like jokers but we’re deadly serious…

Our ethos and attitude towards manufacturing is inherited from those who came before us and fought for the working rights we enjoy today. We value quality over production volume. Making something right, not making it at fast as possible. Fair pay and good working conditions. Giving space for creativity to flow and good things to happen. And a coin in the pocket to get up to mischief at the weekend!

King of Threads is a two colour screen print, printed for us over the hill in Slaithwaite by Jim and the team. The printing medium is water-based, not plastic. It feels soft and light and should last as long as the garment does. It’s also much better for the environment.

The t-shirt is 185gsm cotton, the same as all our other made in Manchester t-shirts. 

Fully traceable cotton

These T-shirts are made from Australian Super Cotton which has a long staple (fibre) length. This means you can create a stronger garment out of less yarn. Fewer fibres in turn mean softness and a more luxurious feel. The raw premium cotton feels very soft and silky, with a bit of a shine to it, similar to wool. 

Cotton comes from a single origin which is Glenn Rogan’s family farm in St George, Australia. Glenn voluntarily uses Best Management Practices (myBMP) whilst growing his cotton.

One very appealing feature of this leading industry initiative is that it enables full traceability – from end product right back to which paddock the cotton was grown in by individual farmers. It also ensures that cotton is produced on farms with the best farming techniques, technology and in an environmentally sustainable way.

Sizing Guide

In the photos, Ed is wearing medium. He’s 5’8″ and 10.5 stone. For a looser baggy fit, go up a size.

Any questions at all please email us and we’ll do our best to guide you.

  • CM
Pit to Pit (A)
when the garment is laid flat NOT half your chest size.
20.3 21.3 22.7 24.2 25.7
Back Length (B) 26.8 27.2 27.6 28.1 28.7
Sleeve Length (C) 8.5 8.7 9.0 9.3 9.5
Pit to Pit (A)
when the garment is laid flat NOT half your chest size.
51.5 54 57.75 61.5 65.25
Back Length (B) 68 69 70 71.5 73
Sleeve Length (C) 21.5 22 22.75 23.5 24.25

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