Folds into its pocket. A warm seat for you, anywhere..

Wax cotton on side A and a Huddersfield woven wool blanket on the B side, makes a dry and warm seat for you anywhere.

Folds into its own canny wax cotton pocket for ease of carry and to impress anyone who sees you.

This is the latest in our blanket based line that all started with the now legendary Action Blanket. Beloved by homeworkers, barbecue fanatics and outdoor party animals, our wearable blanket (don’t call it a poncho!) now comes in different weights and finishes. The roots of the Action Blanket come from when Ed cut a hole in a blanket in 1986 and wore it for camping trips, raves and afterparty snoozes. Along with ‘dog soup’ it is the crowning glory of his career so far.


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Fraction Blanket
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