Ed loves knives and when he discovered that Michael, one of the last traditional pockets knife makers, was producing genuine Made in Sheffield knives he went straight to Sheffield and knocked on his workshop door.

Michael made him the first HebTroCo Barlow knife and then agreed to make a couple of limited runs of more for us to sell to you lot. We had Whitby Jet scales in the first run and Moughton Stone in the second. This time Michael suggested using denim. We sent a mangled up pair of GVNR selvedge jeans that we couldn’t sell down to him and he made the magic happen.

Blade: 153 layer Sheffield forged Damascus steel, hand decorated.

Spring: Sheffield steel, hand decorated.

Handle: Yorkshire Oak with Denim micarta scales.

Bolster and Liners: Brass

Blade length: 57mm

Layers of denim are bonded in resin leaving a block that can be cut and shaped into the scales.

And that’s just the start of what makes them so special.

The blades are made from Damascus steel that’s made in an historic forge in Portland Works, Sheffield, where Michael also has his workshop. This is the place where stainless steel was originally developed for use in cutlery over 100 years ago. The pattern in the steel comes from the process of folding and hammering in the forge.

The patterns in the Damascus steel blade, the Micarta Denim inlay and Yorkshire oak handles mean that each Barlow knife is unique.

Handles are made from Yorkshire oak.

The clip point blade is stamped with the maker’s mark as well as with ‘HebTroCo’. The back of the blade and knife spring are filed and decorated by hand. Brass bolster and liners complete the pocket knife.
The Barlow knife style was invented in Sheffield in the 1600s and is characterised by its comfortable, tear drop shaped handle and heavy bolster. The HebTroCo Barlow Knife will be a prized possession to be handed down through the generations.
Michael May trained at a Sheffield cutlers, going on to specialise in the pen and pocket knife workshop. He went on to set up his own independent workshop, in the tradition of the Sheffield “Little Mesters”. He is one of the new generation of craftsmen who are keeping the tradition skills of the steel city alive.
The knife has a UK Legal 57mm folding, non locking blade
“It’s a prized possession to be handed down through the generations…”

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  1. chrislarkin11 (verified owner)

    My finger hovered above the buy button as it is not a cheap knife. Eventually, I caved in. As soon as I hit ‘Buy’, I got the message in red saying ‘Sold Out’. I wasn’t sure if my purchase was successful until I got the confirmation email and I reckon I got the last one of the batch.. Anyway, a couple of days later it arrived in the post. The only suitable word to describe the attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship is ‘Exquisite’. Very glad I hit that button.

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