Slow the Flow

Supporting natural flood prevention measures in the Calder Valley

Hebden Bridge sits in the Calder Valley. Heavy rainfall and flooding is no stranger here. The Industrial Revolution, pollution, and changing land use have contributed to the worsening of flood water levels, causing them to rise higher than ever before.

You may have seen Hebden Bridge on the news a number of times. This town gets its feet wet and with devastating effects on residents and businesses. But things are changing thanks to local initiatives like Slow the Flow.

£1000 to Slow the Flow

We handed over a big cheque for £1,000 to Bede Mullen, chair of Slow The Flow, our local Natural Flood Management (NFM) charity last week. We’re from Hebden Bridge, you’ve probably heard of it. It rains a lot…and sometimes floods.

For every Aqua Action Blanket sold we pitched in a tenner to the cause and then doubled the amount. This money goes towards hands on volunteer flood management projects and education about NFM and other ways that we can all help manage our environment. This is action by and for local people and localism is a big part of the HebTroCo ethos.

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