Who is Leonard?

We’ve never hired models preferring instead to use characterful people we know to show off our clothes. It was all starting to look a bit ‘mid fifties man with a beard who likes craft beer’ though. Nothing wrong with them, but after a while even we get sick of just looking at ourselves.

Leonard is a friend of one of Ed’s step daughters Natassja. He’d been chatting to her about how he liked the clothes and ethos of HebTroCo and said he’d love to do a photo shoot with us.

In a past life he worked in a shop for Tim Little, designer and owner of Grenson shoes and was inspired there by the craft and heritage that comes with British made menswear. 

Having studied sustainability in the UK as well as in Sweden, Leonard now works for a local authority on projects that focus on recycling, cutting waste and lowering emissions.

He said the quality and classic design of HebTroCo clothes, as well as our model of working with small factories that feed into the local economy, aligned with his own values.

What’s new?

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