We went on holiday by mistake

It’s been emotional. Everything is good.

What a trip. We’ve been to the iconic menswear city of Milan. We’ve seen the selvedge shuttle looms that weave our denim at 140bpm. Went swimming in the clear, warm, languid waters of the Italian Lakes. Took inspiration from the streets and shops of Milan. There was gelato and clothing and pizza to die for. And we ended up in hospital, but that’s a story for next time.

Whilst remaining firmly a British brand that manufactures in Britain, we’ve always believed in trading beyond our borders. The exchange of ideas and high quality materials with foreign partners is part of the fabric of our country. This trade is vital to keeping HebTroCo heathy and thriving. We believe in making in the UK but we don’t have an insular way of thinking. It’s good to travel, to look beyond your comfort zone and to swap ideas and make new friends.

And so we went to Candiani to meet the people and see the scale of this famous and innovative industrial scale denim mill.

We took a pair of our 925 jeans, made by Bob using Regenagi denim woven at Candiani. A highlight of the trip was the response we saw on people’s faces when they saw our jeans. We might look like jokers, but the quality of manufacture and the attention to detail in our jeans stands up to close and expert scrutiny. It’s nice to be recognised and it’s nice to trade with likeminded people who share a desire to make the most of what they have locally, whilst striving to do so in an ethical and ecologically sensitive way.

We’re mosquito bitten, sun tanned, inspired, bandaged up and now looking forward to going home.