100% British Wool

Submariner Jumpers

100% British wool from two breeds of sheep in the Yorkshire Dales. 100% UK manufactured from fleece to finished garment.

Submariner Jumper / Atlantic

Original price was: £165.00.Current price is: £99.00.

Submariner Jumper / North Sea

Original price was: £165.00.Current price is: £99.00.
Bluefaced Leicester and Masham sheep breeds gave their wool to make our Submariner Jumpers. Reared in the Yorkshire Dales, the process of turning their fleece into yarn all happens within 50 miles. Knitting the yarn into a finished jumper in 69 miles. Then the journey to our warehouse in 68 miles. That’s not bad is it?

These jumpers are a tangible example of the way that clothing can be made sustainably. 

There’s full traceability allowing us to produce a natural, renewable and ultimately biodegradable garment. The process supports UK farmers and manufacturers, whilst maintaining high levels of animal welfare. All that AND you get a fantastic jumper out of it too. Striking, yet understated, with beautiful subtle tones in the yarn that give so much depth to the overall colour. A king amongst knitwear that will see you through the cold season this year (and many, many more).