British made to last

Cragg // Vale

lightweight / packable / wind & water resistant

Pullover smocks come from the vintage archive of outdoor wear. Like many great utility designs that have stood the test of time, they’re also stylish and practical garments for modern life as we navigate the urban jungle and enjoy the country life. That’s the history anyway, now it’s time to get present…

In Britain you don’t need telling that the weather changes faster than prime ministers. The Cragg and Vale smocks are both British-made-to-last from GOTS certified 100% Organic Cotton Ripstop and capable of delivering in our changeable British climate.

At HebTroCo we like our clothes to be able to walk a confident line between pub or restaurant in town and the hilltop hike, dog walk or country ramble. Our ripstop smocks fit the bill, each one sporting their own design charm and practical details. Read on to see our smock comparison to find out which one best suits you.

Vale vs Cragg

What's the difference?

Choose your style and the features you fancy.

If you want maximal, choose Cragg – hood, extra zipped front pocket as well as the kangaroo hand pockets.

Ed has preferred the Cragg Smock for moorland hikes where the hood adds warmth when it turns chilly on the tops. Handy that a world atlas, spare gloves plus a third butty / hip flask fits in the front zipped pocket. It also transforms style wise into a ‘90s urban survival’ look for trips to town.

If you want minimal, choose Vale – no hood, just the kangaroo pockets, more ventilation with full side zip and press stud cuffs.

Ed liked the Vale Smock better for cycling or faster paced walks to work (or the cafe) when he got a sweat on. Extra ventilation was useful here and there was no extra bulk with a hood. Into the urban zone the style is more ‘classic 80s outdoor wear comes to town’.

Cut from the same cloth.

Sewn to be different.

Both the Vale and Cragg smocks are made from GOTS certified 100% organic cotton, woven using the ripstop technique. Ripstop is a popular weave choice for tactical garments as it provides excellent durability and is resistant to tearing.

This is the first time we’ve used this cloth. We liked it so much during sampling that we decided to make both the smocks out of it. It’s lightweight, water-resistant and wind-resistant without sounding like a plastic bag blowing in a gale.

It’s also PFC free.


Ripstop Smocks