Shot a Barbour in a Barbers

No bad buzz cuts.

Our Waxed Cotton Field Jacket isn’t selling as well as we’d like it to. So we’ve decided to give it a haircut and are knocking a massive £130 off the price.

If you’ve already bought one you might be muttering, “wankers” right about now. But don’t, because if you’re miffed just let us know and we’ll give you a £130 voucher to cheer you up. We’d feel the same and cringe when we see the savage sales that sweep the market after Christmas.

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Ed always hated going to the barbers ever since he was a boy. Bad buzz cuts, boring football chit chat and the threat of a clipped ear led him to a life of alternating between the long hair do and self administered skin head. Sometimes even both at the same time.

That all changed when he found North West Barber Co online. He was surprised to discover that the shop wasn’t in Portland, Oregon and was actually in the North West of England. The shop is in the charming Lancashire Dales town of Clitheroe (yes that is a real place and not a rude wind up).

No products were found matching your selection.

The other surprise was that a trip to the barber was good fun and made for a wholesome social interaction. The added value is that he now finds himself walking out looking a lot better than when he walked in. In fact we’d say that the boys at the barbers make him look better than he actually is. Now that takes skill.

Now would you like something waxy for the weekend sir?

A Waxed Cotton outer fabric from Halley Stevensons in Scotland – the best in the business.

Halley Stevensons have been producing waxed cotton since 1864. As well as having history they’re regarded as the highest quality supplier in the industry. Fabrics are consistent meaning that our end garments are all the same quality grade and the durability and performance of the cloth is legendary.

Halley also innovate and are now bringing more sustainable products to market. The EverWax™ finish is a hybrid wax made from an oil base with 20% from thermal recycled waste plastics. This is a good thing as far as we’re concerned and it’s definitely a step in the sustainable direction that we’re going in across our range.

Halley Stevensons are bluesign® system partners, a benchmark for high standards in the chemical industry.