Sheffield Chef Knife


Arrived 24 February 2023

Look sharp, you don’t want to miss this. Let’s cut to the chase…

We decided that a chef knife would be a fine addition to the range. So we went down to Samuel Staniforth Knifemakers of Sheffield who were established in 1864. These are good people who make top quality knives for kitchen, military, bushcraft and butchery use.

~ Ed


10 Feb 2023

Let's cut to the chase

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15 Feb 2023

Looking sharp

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17 Feb 2023

New photos

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New photos

17 February 2023

The first three samples have arrived with us. Time for some new photos.

Looking sharp

15 February 2023

Here’s the first knife off the production line.

They’ll be arriving soon so make sure you’re on the waitlist.

Let's cut to the chase

10 February 2023

We went to meet the guys at Samuel Staniforth, look round the factory and see the range of knives that they can make.

This is what we chose and we’ve ordered samples to try out.

6” chef knife, fully made right here in Sheffield from all British sourced materials.

The blade is made from SF100 – Sheffield’s Stainless Steel. Originally developed as a razor blade steel, SF100 is a fine-grained stainless steel, with the winning combination of toughness, corrosion resistance, ease of resharpening and polishing. Made in Stocksbridge, Sheffield. Sharp!

Wood handle is made from British yew.

Brass is UK sourced.

1st run will be limited to 25 knives.

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