The Governor Canvas Jacket


Premium quality workwear style jacket.

Made in the North of England, exclusively for HebTroCo.


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Mid weight jacket with practical, workmanlike features and high quality finish. Good sized British made buttons allow the jacket to be done up to the neck. Cuffs buttoned. Proper size patch pockets on the front with reinforced lining for strength and an inside pocket for extra carrying space. All pockets will hold a plus sized phone.

Governor Canvas Jacket comes pre washed so it won’t shrink with subsequent washes.

Heavy canvas woven in Lancashire. Same 12oz hard wearing, 55% linen / 45% cotton cloth as our tried and tested Governor Trousers.

Fit and Sizing

Sizing is consistent with our other jackets. We use 2in steps between sizes to get you a better fit – rather than the 3in many brands use. As a result you may be a XXXL in HebTroCo rather than an XL in some high street brands.

We’re offering The Governor Jacket in both Regular or Long fit. The Long model adds 4cm (1.6in) to the sleeve length and 3cm (1.25in) to the body length. For fit information purposes, brant (6’2″) is a M Long, Ed (5’8″) is a M Standard. brant wears 34″ waist trousers and Ed 32″

Size Chest Size Body Back Sleeve
in mm mm mm
S Regular 38-40 535 730 614
S Long 38-40 535 760 654
M Regular 40-42 560 740 620
M Long 40-42 560 770 660
L Regular 42-44 585 750 626
L Long 42-44 585 780 666
XL Regular 44-46 610 760 632
XL Long 44-46 610 790 672
XXL Regular 46-48 635 770 638
XXL Long 46-48 635 800 678
XXXL Regular 48-50 660 780 644
XXXL Long 48-50 660 810 684

“Chest size” is UK sizing nominal chest size – please compare to your own garments with our dimensions to help you choose what’s best for you.

“Body” is measured 1in below the armpit seam, from side to side of the flat garment.

“Back” is measured from the base of the collar, where it attatches to the jacket, to the lower hem.

“Sleeve” is measured on the outside of the sleeve from the top seam to the end of, and including the cuff.


Wash cool. Slow spin. Air dry. More here:


Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Small Long, XL Regular, XL Long, 2XL Regular, 2XL Long, 3XL Long