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Made exclusively for us in Sheffield, to the highest standard, by pocket knife craftsman Michael May. This is “God’s own pocket knife” as all the components are sourced in Yorkshire.

Ships in 14-21 days.

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The Damascus steel blade is made in an historic forge in Portland Works, where the knife maker also has his workshop. This is the place where stainless steel was originally developed for use in cutlery over 100 years ago.

Yorkshire oak handles are inlaid with scales of Whitby Jet, a semi precious stone that was popularised by jewellers in Victorian times.

The blade is stamped with the maker’s mark as well as with ‘HebTroCo’. The back of the blade and knife spring are decorated by hand. Brass bolster and liners complete the pocket knife.

The Barlow knife style was invented in Sheffield in the 1600s and is characterised by its comfortable, tear drop shaped handle and heavy bolster. The HebTroCo Barlow Knife will be a prized possession to be handed down through the generations.

Michael May trained at a Sheffield cutlers, going on to specialise in the pen and pocket knife workshop. He went on to set up his own independent workshop, in the tradition of the Sheffield “Little Mesters”. He is one of the new generation of craftsmen who are keeping the tradition skills of the steel city alive.

The knife has a UK Legal 57mm folding, non locking blade.

HebTroCo Barlow Knife
Blade :: Sheffield forged Damascus steel, hand decorated.
Spring :: Sheffield steel, hand decorated.
Handles :: Yorkshire Oak with Whitby Jet inlay
Bolster and Liners :: Brass
Blade length :: 57mm
Action :: Folding

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Weight 1 kg

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