British Winter Biking Socks


Biking comes in Black and White and is fully cushioned for all over warmth.

Like the sea boot socks favoured by old school bikers, our Biking socks will keep your toes warm so that you can forget cold feet and concentrate on other things, like being born to be wild.

Not just for bikers, can be worn by whoever, wherever!

Wash at 30 degrees.

Medium = UK size 7-9

Large = UK size 10-12

Really warm and really hardwearing, our premium heavy weight – Hiking, Biking and Viking socks are knitted with 60% wool and 40% nylon. Made exclusively for us in the English midlands.

Cushioned for comfort.

No stink, no shrink! Made from no stink wool, the original and best sock material. Nylon added for longevity and so they don’t shrink in the wash.


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