Black Lightning Coffee – Whole Bean 1kg Bag


Our unique blend of transcontinental, equatorial, 100% arabica beans.

Very smooth and strong. Soft berry, honeycomb toffee and a chocolate finish.

Cafetiere Grind.

1kg bag


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Seriously smooth and strong. Black Lightning tastes of soft berry fruits with hints of honeycomb toffee and a lingering chocolate after taste. The perfect coffee to drink while listening to ‘Sunday Morning’ by the Velvet Underground.

Hand roasted to our unique blend in small batches by a coffee wizard in his Yorkshire Pennines lair. 100% Arabica beans have been selected from equatorial regions of three continents, to create the complex and delicious flavour.

Made exclusively for us by a craft coffee roaster, based in the heart of Yorkshire. The master roaster hand roasts all beans in small batches to ensure consistency, attention to detail and to minimise waste. Coffee is sourced directly from farms. Working towards a carbon neutral status in 2022, great effort has been taken to ensure every part of the process is kind to that planet and its people.


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