Anti Fast Fashion Show

HebTroCo x Oxfam

We’re extending our help to Oxfam Hebden Bridge by helping them with their “Anti Fast Fashion Show”

Tickets are now available to buy for the show in Hebden Bridge on 29th September.

We’ve got quite a history with Oxfam shops here at HebTroCo – this time last year we dropped five cargo bikes worth of old stock and seconds at their Hebden Bridge branch, which resulted in them doing a year’s worth of sales in a week. Kate Howorth, the shop manager told us the tale of a man coming from London on the train to grab a bargain and slight fisticuffs/grabbiness from a couple of people, besides the “I can’t get into these 30in waist trousers” which always happens.

Though there are many charity shops in Hebden Bridge, we chose Oxfam because brant’s granny actually set up the second ever Oxfam shop in the world, in Manchester, after seeing what they’d developed in Oxford (Oxfam stands for Oxford Committee for Famine Relief). Obviously we got the usual “why don’t you support greyhounds, or homelessness?” – which of course we have done over the years – but clearly Oxfam shops were literally brant’s granny’s idea. So Oxfam? It’s just in our blood.

So whilst Andy’s rescue whippets and brant’s monthly donation to Shelter help in their small way to keep other charities going, we’re extending our help to Oxfam Hebden Bridge by helping them with their “Anti Fast Fashion Show” at the town hall on the 29th September. Our whole team is involved in assisting the shop and volunteers with preparations for the event which is based around upcycling and recycling garments and accessories to spread the message that fast fashion isn’t great, and that by using charity shops and similar projects, as Oxfam shop manager Kate says “buying pre-loved clothing is a more sustainable choice, and gives a really important message about how we think about our clothes and our consumer choices.” Regular workshops will happen (usually Wednesdays, contact Oxfam Hebden for details).

We’ll keep you up to date.

TLDR: Oxfam X HebTroCo Anti Fast Fashion Show – 29th September, Hebden Bridge Town Hall.

The Latest

20 July 2023

Teash went along to the first workshop in preparation for the big event coming this September. Here are some words from Teasha. You might have spoken to her on the phone or had her help in sorting an online customer service issue. She’s also taken the lead on this project out in our community.

We looked at the purpose and intention behind these workshops and the upcoming fashion show. 

It was decided that the most important thing we wanted people to take away from this was understanding the negative effect fast fashion has on our planet, makers, and small businesses. 

We want to help people acquire skills that may stop them from simply binning an item in future and instead give it a new lease of life! We discussed how September’s show will take form, looking at how we incorporate a clear message as well as throwing a kick-ass event! 

This week we will start to look at initial designs before moving on to patterns and draping. We have the owner of a local Upcycling business in to give us pointers and an inside view on what it is to build a business out of what people throw away. In future sessions Amelia, the HebTroCo designer and pattern cutter will be helping the group bring their ideas into product form to sell in the Oxfam shop.

Exciting things are happening!

HebTroCo make good quality clothes that last and we’re proud when we see our old garments showing up for resale in charity shops and on eBay. There’s a value beyond just the point of sale and there’s a long life for them if done right. Our clobber will be in the vintage shops of the future.

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