Moleskin & cord

Overshirt Restock

9.5oz luxuriously soft and hard wearing moleskin and corduroy. Cut as an overshirt so will layer perfectly over a sweatshirt, t-shirt (or in the buff matron). No need to size up. Like everything we do, they’re fully UK made.

I’ve got a “v1”cord in “Paprika” which I love to bits–and so does everyone else, given the numerous admiring compliments (of the shirt, not of me). This is another beauty (Forest) and even better than ever in “v2” format, with the addition of the side-seam pockets. Perfection. Grab yours before they run out!

Another winner! The moleskin fabric has a lovely feel to it, the cut is great and the workmanship is first class. Any downsides? Well people seem to want to stroke it. You may be okay with that kind of behaviour though

This is an outstanding garment. I loved it from first look a couple of weeks ago and much as I do enthusiasm to the max (in many things), I’m still hugely in love with it.

I dithered for quite some time before I bought this but I’m so glad I did. It is wonderfully tailored and the colour is beautifully rich and deep. It’s a lovely thing to own and wear.

It's in the details

Two large side seam pockets for cozy hands and holding loads of stuff.

Single large outside chest pocket big enough for plus sized phones.

Single inside chest pocket same as above.

Hang loop inside neck.

UK made plastic-free Corozo buttons. More about them here.

Flat hem with side seam vents.

Run and fell side seams.