Out of the hot metal & into the fire

How did we operate before Andy started working for us? He’s been doing things like checking stock and making sure that what we’ve got is actually for sale…

As an example he found five 303 Jackets that we didn’t even have on sale and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Before becoming a Hipster Twat at HebTroCo he served 37 years in the print trade. As he says, “a skill you could be proud of.” Starting with a four year apprenticeship as a hot metal typesetter, before constantly adapting to changing times, firstly by moving on to the Doctor-Who-sounding compographic typesetting machine.

  1. Andy describes the end of print, as we once knew it, as being characterised by slipping standards and the relentless cutting of costs, that took the pride and quality out of the job.

In the end Covid and lay offs finished that chapter of his career and after a spell as a cargo bike delivery rider he wandered onto the HebTroWay.

Andy is working with Aran (who will be leaving us in September as he goes off partying at university).

As well as counting stuff Andy’s printing, picking and packing orders, then delivering what you buy from us to the local post office by cargo bike, from where it’s sent to your door.

Here are some handy Andy facts:

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