North West Barber Co

North West Barber Co are celebrating 10 years in business and we’re celebrating our friendship with them. They’ve been a significant part of our story.

Every good haircut that Ed’s ever had was done at NWBC. He did all the rubbish ones himself, including some lockdown horrors.

Some of our first pop ups were done in the shop when it was in Accrington. The guys came to our events doing haircuts and making people look better than they actually are. When it comes down to it that’s what we’re all trying to do. Make the most of what we’ve got.

Nice clothes and a decent haircut is your head start, which you can then do your best with. Nobody has been more surprised to see Ed as a model than Ed.

Thanks Chris and the boys.

The HebTrCo sound system will be at the anniversary party pumping out tunes that nobody has heard of. All on vinyl of course.

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