Deadline 10th December 2023

Match Funding for Curlew Socks

Curlew Socks are back in stock in all sizes!

Time is running out to save the Curlew from extinction.

All profits from the Curlew Socks goes to our partner charity Curlew Action. This money will now be match funded by Aviva’s Community Fund. Each £1 will become £2 and this money will go towards practical fieldworker training. The match funding deadline is 10th December 2023.

Curlew Action is bringing fieldworkers together from across Britain and Europe for a unique exchange of ideas and skills. This is a chance to give the front line workers, who are often volunteers, the tools they need, which they would otherwise not always be able to afford to pay for. These people are the leading edge in the fight to save this iconic bird of our moors and wetlands.

You can also donate directly to Curlew Action if you want. Now’s the time!

Buy socks, give money, make love.

Don't Curfew the Curlew

Climb out of the valley from Hebden Bridge and you’ll find yourself soon on the wild and windy moors. The past few hundred years of human activity have not been kind to this fragile ecosystem.

In the spring and summer you’ll see and hear the wonderful bird that is the curlew. What we didn’t realise was that they are in decline and that, as a species, they show the state of health of our local natural environment…