Look at our leather gear

“You may have noticed that we’re into our leatherwear here at HebTroCo.”

Leather is a natural material. It’s biodegradable and sustainable. We love it.

In this video, Ed gives you a guided tour of the HebTroCo leather collection, from gloves to belts to bookmarks. And a few unexpected extras for the fun of it.

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Lovely Leather

Custom Leather Belt

From: £225.00
No nonsense here, our belts are heavy duty pieces of kit forged by hand, tool and fire. Made individually to your custom...

Buzzard Gloves / Black

If a glove is good enough for you to have a bird of prey perch on your hand, then we reckoned a pair of gloves will be p...

Leather Cable Tidy

Keep your blasted cables under control. It’s the difference between everyday carry chaos and storage serenity. Made for ...