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It Happened: Coin Knives Launch Event

“HebTroCo was born in the pub 2015. Now we’re living in a small plates artisan wine bar…” // Ed

Continuing our tradition of hipster twattery we hosted an event at Coin, the best place to eat in Hebden Bridge. The purpose? To launch a bunch of knives.

We also had our new pens, pencils and flannel shirts ahead of their official launch.

Gorgeous food, drinks and staff is what Coin do and we like going there so a HebTroCo event had to happen.

brant hustled the crowd with his micro shop. “Can you see my pen is sticking out of my pocket?”

Ed did an endurance five and a half hour DJ set.

Gaz from Community Cutlery sharpened knives.

Chef Alex made pintxos and delicious small plates.

Chloe and the team shook up some cocktails.

Before the event we asked the guys from Coin to model some of our clothes. We were impressed by how natural they were in front of the camera, but then it’s hardly surprising that people who work in hospitality make good models. If you think about it they’re on the catwalk all day long. Absolutely fabulous!

Next we’re going to do a speakeasy art installation catwalk event with these guys. Should probably tell them about it. Hope to see you there.


As seen at our Coin event

Vale Smock / Black

Original price was: £160.00.Current price is: £95.00.

Flannel Overshirt / Green Orange

Original price was: £130.00.Current price is: £104.00.

Flannel Overshirt / Brown Blue

Original price was: £130.00.Current price is: £104.00.